Data Mastering with Geospatial Data for Public Sector

From disaster relief to battlefield logistics, Tamr enables the U.S. government to make data-driven decisions that rely on accurate geospatial data.

3 Key Strategies for Accurate & Granular Spend Analytics

It’s imperative that companies are able to answer key questions: Who am I buying from? Where can I consolidate my spend? How can I be better prepared for the next disruption? To do this businesses need a pipeline of accurate,…

Government Solutions Capabilities Statement

Tamr’s technology is built on a unique workflow of human-guided machine learning and data expert validation. These two capabilities complement each other to ensure optimal results in the entity resolution process.

Public and Proprietary Wells Data Mastering using Tamr

Tamr’s Well Data Mastering Solution solves the problem of dirty, disparate well data across all of an E&P company’s departments. Using human-guided machine learning that is scalable to any level, the software can cleanse and integrate the various information sources…

Tamr Real World Evidence (RWE) Integration

Tamr’s Real World Evidence Integration Solution tackles the data challenge with a powerful data harmonization process that streamlines real world evidence integration for large volumes of disparate data to deliver transformational outcomes.

Data-Driven Taxonomy Design

Download this white paper to learn how Tamr uses machine learning to help organizations build a data-driven approach to taxonomy design.

Tamr CDISC Conversion Solution

Tamr’s CDISC Conversion Solution tackles data challenges with a powerful data harmonization process, driven by human-guided machine learning that can replace traditional in-house tools prone to delays and errors.

Data Steward’s Guide to Machine Learning

What is data stewardship and what are the areas where machine learning can help data stewards? Download our guide to machine learning to find out.

Data Unification at Scale: Data Tamer

In this chapter from the book Making Databases Work: The Pragmatic Wisdom of Michael Stonebraker, Ihab Ilyas discusses the academic project that eventually become Tamr. 

The Tamr Codeline

In this chapter from the book ‘Making Databases Work’, Nik Bates-Haus discusses his experience recruiting Tamr’s core engineering team and building the first release of the company’s commercial product for data unification.