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Data Quality

Improve the accuracy and completeness of your data with Tamr’s data quality tool

How it works

Spot incomplete, incorrect data

Tamr data products monitor and report on the quality and completeness of your data, providing insights into where data is missing, incomplete, incorrect, or duplicative.

Validate and standardize data

Built-in data quality capabilities use external data to standardize, normalize, and validate common firmographic and demographic attributes.

Simplify your data stack

Tamr streamlines your workflow by sourcing and onboarding trusted data providers so you don’t need to build and maintain these custom connections internally.


Pre-integrated APIs and reference sources

Eliminate the need to develop custom data provider connections by using out-of-the-box capabilities within Tamr data products.

Maintenance and service error handling

Get reliable results without the engineering cost because performance, error-handling, and version control are all managed for you.


Understand and monitor your data’s quality using data product metrics such as error rates and number of values fixed.

How we compare

Tamr data products’ data quality capabilities reveal insights into your data’s quality, validate and standardize firmographic and demographic attributes, and provide pre-built integrations with external data providers for rapid, sustainable value.

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