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AI-powered, human-refined

golden records.

Speed and savings

Tamr’s AI-first approach to golden record creation delivers faster time-to-value. And we’re not just talking about faster project timelines, lower costs, and better outcomes (which we provide). We position you to drive real business value, like selling more effectively, improving marketing outcomes, and making faster decisions.


When it comes to golden record accuracy, Tamr delivers a 1-2 punch that is proven to deliver. We start with proven AI that is entirely focused on solving the hard problem of enterprise-wide entity resolution at scale and continue by enabling the streamlined human refinement needed to deliver the accuracy your company requires.


Tamr ensures that your highest-value data is as comprehensive and complete as possible. This starts with improving data quality by matching your data across all your source systems, including those data attributes that make your company unique. Add in 1-click, third-party data enrichment, and experience 360-degree views like you never thought possible.


Once you've defined your golden records, you want them to stand the test of time. Tamr APIs allow you to easily connect the source systems that are used to add and change data over time. AI-powered search keeps data up to date and easy-to-use tools for your team members means they have what they need to review, refine, and approve updates and changes as necessary.

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Accurate, comprehensive, and durable data in weeks, not months or years.

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Tamr solves the hard problem of enterprise-wide golden record creation using the power of AI.