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Tamr’s patented software fuses the power of machine learning with your knowledge of your data to automate the rapid unification of data silos. At scale. What new insights could you find if data unification was no longer the bottleneck?

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Procurement OptimizationCustomer Data IntegrationClinical Data Conversion

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Better Decisions Through Better Data

Uncover Valuable Insights

Answer questions you could never ask and add deeper context to existing analytics.

Improve Flexibility

Easily adjust existing taxonomies and add new data sources.

Create a Repeatable Process

Answer questions continuously, even as data changes, with reusable data infrastructure.


Clinical Analytics

Tamr for Clinical Analytics offers a scalable, replicable process for turning trial data from a tangled web of standards, versions, and formats into clean, integrated data that can be used for downstream analytics. With Tamr, companies can better leverage their existing clinical knowledge and investment, while minimizing time and effort spent on data preparation.

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Customer Analytics

Tamr’s Customer Analytics solution uses collective human insight and machine learning to create a comprehensive, 360-degree view of your customers using all internal and external enrichment sources. Whether your goal is to better identify up-sell opportunities or reduce churn, Tamr enables analysts to spend less time preparing data and more time developing a deeper understanding of customer behavior.

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Hear how Tamr breaks through data quality and data preparation bottlenecks to deliver better answers, faster – using all of your available data

Sean Collins, CEO at Cinch Financial

Sean Collins, CEO at Cinch Financial

Tamr allowed us to bypass a painful manual data cleansing process. [With Tamr] I saw a very scalable solution for us which is to ingest that data into the Tamr system and have our own people teach it to match things.



Toyota Delivers Seamless Customer Experience

Tamr balances machine learning with a human-guided machine pattern. So as typically when the cost and complexity go up as more data sources are added, Tamr turns the equation upside down and actually becomes more efficient as you scale up.

Tamr Voted Top Place to Work in Boston

Learn why The Boston Globe rated Tamr Boston’s top small business to work for.