Run your business better

Your business runs on data. But when you lack confidence in your data, your entire business suffers. Tamr is a game-changer when it comes to revealing new insights and uncovering new possibilities with your data. By uniting AI with human intelligence, you’ll boost operational efficiency and supercharge your ROI with validated, trustworthy data that helps you - and your business - work smarter.

Understand your customers, inside and out

Most customer data is dirty and incomplete. But with Tamr, your customer data just got better. Wow your customers with the exceptional experiences they expect by accelerating the delivery of insights with clean, enriched data.

Uncover hidden revenue

Finding new, untapped revenue sources often feels like an insurmountable task. But Tamr makes the impossible possible. With Tamr data products, you’ll uncover new opportunities to grow revenue by revealing previously-hidden relationships in the data.

Bolster your business’s defense

Mitigating risks before they disrupt your business is critical in today’s digital world. But when your data is bad, those risks remain hidden from view. Tamr helps you to safeguard your business from unforeseen risks with insights that reveal vulnerabilities obscured by dirty data.

Mastering Data Products

The Definitive Guide to Improving Data Quality
Get the most out of your data products. Explore our definitive guide to uncover four things to know - and do - to set your data product strategy up for success.

Getting Started with Data Products. A CDOs Guide

Fix your bad data fast

Tamr data products turbocharge your data with the power of AI and human intelligence. It’s that simple.