Automate your data unification from 100’s or even 1000’s of sources - at scale.

Tamr makes it fast and easy to replace labor and time-intensive, rules-based data cleaning and preparation with the limitless power of probabilistic, human-guided machine learning.

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The Tamr Triple Threat

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Use All Your Data

If you can’t unify all your data from across countless, messy, siloed environments, your analyses and conclusions won’t reflect what’s actually happening inside and across the enterprise.

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Build Trustworthy Analyses

Human-guided, machine learning continuously refines Tamr’s automated decisioning – so your data and the analyses you perform become increasingly accurate and trustworthy.

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Realize Profound Impacts

Because Tamr deals with massive amounts of data at scale, its impact is equally massive. Save millions, even billions of dollars in annual spend. Penetrate new markets, grow customer bases and shape the very future of your company.


Do you really know who your customers are? All of them? Across every product or service line? Do you leverage your data to optimize procurement spending across thousands of vendors, expedite R&D life cycles, improve workforce management and delivery logistics? These are just a few of the countless opportunities to significantly impact business and operations using Tamr’s machine-learning data unification.

Hundreds of disparate systems, thousands of individual attributes, totally under control.

Tamr’s machine learning automatically draws and preps data for even the most complex analytics, in no time.

Highly regulated, operationally siloed, security-driven, product commoditized. Tamr turns financial services data into a problem-solving machine.

Deeper, clearer visibility into procurement and operations, no matter how many disparate systems and entities are involved.

Nothing brings to life the power of Tamr and machine learning quite like our customer use cases.

We hope they inspire you to take a closer, deeper look at how machine-learning data unification could revolutionize your data mastering and lead to your own Tamr use cases.

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