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Digital transformation demands new approaches to data integration. Tamr’s solutions break the rules by making it easy to use machine learning to unify your data silos.

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Societe Generale


reduction in time to add new sources


months to deploy 4 level spend classification

“Thanks to Tamr solution our IT teams were able to re-allocate 70% of their time that they spent on the previous system, with higher value activities.”

– Jean-Baptiste Anne – Head of Sourcing Methods & Information Systems

Thomson Reuters


Million Records


Time savings

“Tamr proved that fast and accurate data integration results in tremendous benefits. By combining the system’s machine learning with the knowledge of our data experts, we can dramatically improve the quality of our services.”

– VP of Data Services

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of sources

< 3

weeks with Tamr to new insights

“The insights that we got into our customer base and our sales orders and our churn rate were really astounding”

– Ryan Stafford, Executive Vice President



Customer Records


reduction of duplicative customer records

“while we found that [traditional data management] approaches could be effective with small amounts of relatively static data, none could be scaled effectively to meet our ever-increasing volume and data complexity requirements.”

– Matt Stevens, Director at Toyota Motor Europe

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clinical studies made accessible in a common format


resources, and less than one year

“Tamr’s machine learning capabilities were the key reason we selected this software to integrate different sources into a bridge based datahub.”

– Jackie Fu, Specialist IS Business System Analyst, Amgen

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ERP systems


First Year Saving

“The supplier integration project was a big win”

– Bill Ruh, Chief Digital Officer, GE

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Month timeline – “an unheard-of objective”

“GSK R&D’s data environment is something that one often hears about in startups, but is rarely found in large enterprises.”

– Tom Davenport – Author, Speaker, Advisor

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“Tamr allowed us to get to views and insights we otherwise could never have reached, ultimately improving our win rate.”

– Iana Dankova, Business analytics manager at HPE, big data

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“When we were looking for companies, Tamr fit our bill perfectly. They were interested in the mission – they understood what we were trying to do and why it was important to international security – and they had demonstrated the capacity to execute at a commercial level.”

– Ari Schuler, Director of the CBP Commercial Technology Innovation Program.

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Tamr’s Unify combines the power of machine learning with your knowledge of data in an easy-to-use, enterprise-scale system.

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Align disparate data sources to a unified schema, guided by recommended mappings


Match, de-duplicate, and create ‘golden records’ for mastered views of any entity


Simplify data diversity by classifying records into a taxonomy of your choice to accelerate analytics


Machine learning and expert sourcing for your data-ops pipelines.


Align disparate data sources to a unified schema, guided by recommended mappings


Identify matching records across all sources through simple ‘yes / no’ feedback


Gain a normalized view of your data by classifying records into a custom taxonomy

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Let our products and data engineers help solve your biggest problems.

Agile Data Mastering

Unify all of your sources and entities in days — from customers and suppliers to products and parts. Gain new insight into the relationship between sources and entities, such as, “which suppliers are also potential customers?”

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Agile Customer Mastering

Understand your customer base like never before. Tamr’s Solution delivers a trusted, unified view that allows you to finally have an accurate understanding of how many customers you have and all of your interactions with them.

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Spend Analytics

Fuel your sourcing strategies and supplier negotiations with an accurate, classified view of your spend that stays up-to-date. Make trusted data and analytics a foundational piece of enterprise spend management.

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Clinical Analytics

Overcome the tangled web of standards, versions, and formats notorious in clinical data. Tamr offers a scalable, replicable solution that reduces manual data preparation from months to hours for thousands of downstream analytics.

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