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Build a data foundation for connected customer experiences

Using Tamr, P360 helps a top pharmaceutical company obtain golden records to drive multi-touch customer marketing initiatives


P360’s customer, a large pharmaceutical company, needed to create a solid data foundation of accurate records that would allow for better marketing to healthcare providers and improved engagement.


With Tamr Healthcare Providers Data Product, P360’s customer obtained trusted records in weeks, allowing them to power their CRM system with accurate data and drive multi-touch marketing initiatives.

When P360, a technology solutions provider for the pharmaceutical industry, was asked for help with a digital transformation project aimed at better reaching the medical providers they count as customers, P360 realized that building a solid data foundation with a modern data management solution was the first step.

Everything revolves around data, so not having a solid data infrastructure is a non-starter. Without it, you can’t compete, you can’t understand your customers and how they use your products"

Anupam Nandwana
CEO of P360

To develop that foundation of trusted data, P360 turned to Tamr. By using Tamr’s Healthcare Providers Data Product, the pharmaceutical company is quickly unifying internal and external data on millions of healthcare providers to create golden records that power downstream applications, including a new CRM system. 

Quickly obtaining clean customer data at scale with the cloud

Like other B2B companies, P360’s customer has diverse and expansive data from a variety of sources. From internal data — like physician names and addresses — to external data — like prescription histories and claims information — this top pharmaceutical company has 150 data sources to unify and master to get complete views of their customers. This includes records on 1 million healthcare providers (as well as 2 million provider addresses) and records on more than 100,000 healthcare organizations.

“Keeping track of all that data and maintaining each record individually is quite the task and we’re happy to have Tamr helping us with that,” Nandwana said. 

In addition to the challenge of mastering multiple data sources, the customer needed the project finished in six months. Given the tight timeline and volume of data, P360 realized it had to swap its in-house rules-based tool for a cloud-based, machine learning solution like Tamr to meet the deadline. With Tamr, P360 was able to provide its client with quality provider records in just six weeks, not months. 

Tamr’s Healthcare Provider Data Product allows organizations to create custom data products by mastering their data. By using pre-trained AI and ML models, Tamr data products help organizations quickly create a single, unified, accurate view of customers, suppliers, patients and other key data entities. With Tamr, P360 helped their customer master millions of provider records in weeks and create golden records containing unique customer IDs as a consistent identifier and single source of truth. 

Having golden records allows the pharmaceutical company to feed their new CRM system with accurate, high-quality customer data for more effective sales and marketing campaigns. For sales representatives, being able to access golden records and see if providers are engaging with marketing material and what kind of medicine they practice helps with potential sales opportunities. For marketing professionals, these records are being used in analytic projects around honing engagement strategies. 

“Our customer is investing a lot to build this omnichannel journey to engage their customers. But they also want to leverage the same master data and the same customer IDs to do other analytics around understanding their customers and do things like improve their messaging. Mastered data from Tamr is very important to meeting these business objectives,” he said. 

Fixing the data problem early on to generate impactful business outcomes

P360 understood that prioritizing data quality in this digital transformation project would make achieving the outcome – obtaining clean, accurate and trusted data for their customer to improve provider engagement – much easier. Feeding their customer’s new CRM system with inaccurate data from multiple, siloed sources would significantly reduce the pharmaceutical company’s investment in the technology and fail to generate impactful business outcomes. 

“We knew early on that if we didn't fix the data problem we weren’t going to meet our end goal. We knew that mastering these customer records would alleviate that pain and make our downstream journey easier. We wanted a solution that can quickly provide value to the customer and saw that in Tamr. And we’ve had a really good success with it,” Nandwana said.

Impressed by Tamr’s fast time to value and ability to handle the complexity and volume of their customer’s data, P360 plans to use Tamr to clean and curate other customers’ medical provider data.

“Tamr has done a great job in building a product that’s the future of the modern data platform. Many vendors have tried to do this but they’re stuck with their legacy infrastructure, technology, or architecture. Tamr’s not like this. It’s built to use current technologies like the cloud and machine learning,” Nandwana said.

Learn more about our Healthcare Providers Data Product that helped P360’s large pharmaceutical customer get the clean, accurate and trustworthy data they needed to run their business smarter.