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Data Products

Accurate, comprehensive and durable data in weeks, not months or years

How it works

Access and connect

User-friendly interfaces, designed for use by both humans and machines, make it simple to find and share reliable data for use in analytical systems across the business.

Organize and enrich

Out-of-the-box schemas apply best practices that provide a starting point for defining and structuring your data products so you can quickly get everyone on the same page.

Create consistency

Tamr cleans, standardizes, and tracks changes and improvements to the data products over time which eliminates errors, increases reliability, and makes it easier to realize value.

Curate and update

Advanced AI and machine learning models select, match, and update the data, enabling everyone to trust that the data is always accurate and reliable.



Gain greater clarity into the state of your data, how it evolves over time, and spot opportunities for your business.


Proactively monitor data products to pinpoint data quality issues and apply feedback to resolve them quickly and efficiently.


Build trust by empowering cross-functional stakeholders to give feedback through a closed-loop process.

AI/ML mastering

Improve data quality at scale by pairing AI with human intelligence to review and validate the trustworthiness of your data.

Data quality

Fill in the blanks in your data by standardizing, validating, and enriching firmographic attributes across all your systems.

External data

Match your data with trusted vendors so you can select and add new, relevant columns based on sources you choose.

How we compare

Not all data products are created equal. Designed for consumption and ready for use, only Tamr data products combine built-in data quality capabilities with powerful, AI-driven ID linkage and enrichment to deliver the best version of your data.

Other Vendors
AI-driven referential matching
Reference database of global companies
Probabilistic matching using 10+ attributes
Broad set of data partnerships
Limited set
Automatic appending of analytical attributes
Requires services
Single UI to select enrichment vendors
Automatically check for updates when refreshing data
Requires services