Supercharge Your Data with BATTle-Tested AI

AI/ML Mastering

Combine proven AI with human refinement to speed delivery of accurate, master data at scale.

How it works

Transform data fast

AI-driven models combined with human feedback reduce the complexity of data transformation, enabling you to serve more stakeholders and initiatives.

Master data at scale

Tamr data products use advanced AI to compare and score diverse datasets, ensuring you can scale and adapt to changing business needs faster than with traditional, rules-based approaches.

Connect the data dots

AI fuels the comparison of data to identify the external data sets with the best coverage of the companies you care about.


Human feedback

Empower data consumers across the business to review data, provide feedback, and override matches via a simple UI.

Pre-trained machine learning model

Use Tamr’s robust library of continuously-improving matching models to realize the accuracy and performance benefits of ML without the high upfront investment.

Curation interface

Engage users to collaborate with the data, give feedback, and implement changes with speed and efficiency.

Semantic comparison with large language models (LLMs)

Identify discrete similarities and differences to contextualize the data, extract key features, and improve matching accuracy.

Recommendation engine

Identify the most likely matches in your data and, utilizing Tamr ID, narrow down results to the recommended match. 

How we compare

Fix your bad data fast and at scale. Only Tamr data products blend the power of pre-trained AI models with the intelligence of human feedback to reduce the time and resources needed to improve data quality.

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