connect the data dots

Data Enrichment

Standardize, match, enrich, repeat

How it works

Standardize and validate data

Data quality capabilities tap into external data sources to establish data standards, verify firmographic details, and normalize information across your systems.

Match internal and external data

Unique IDs link your internal data with external data to find the sources that best meet your business needs.

Add data attributes

Unique, linked IDs match you with trusted vendors so you can choose and add new, relevant columns based on selected external sources and attributes.


ML-driven referential matching

Identify matches and relationships that are impossible to spot without external data.

Reference database of global companies

Match source records with our database of 400M+ company records to assess your match rate with 3rd party providers.

Unique ID

Generate a unique Tamr ID to link internal records to third-party sources to find the best match.

Match decisions

Use advanced AI techniques to compare all attributes and find the best, most accurate match.

Data partnerships

Tap into Tamr’s robust data engineering infrastructure to effortlessly enrich your data with a continuously-growing ecosystem of data providers.

Single user interface

Easily configure the analytical attributes to append to the data product through the user interface.

Automatic data refresh

Refresh data, check for provider updates, and append the latest data to the data product using Tamr’s automatic, UI-based scheduler.

How we compare

Not all data products are the same. Only Tamr data products combine built-in data quality capabilities with powerful, AI-driven ID linkage and enrichment to deliver the best version of your data.

Other Vendors
AI-driven referential matching
Reference database of global companies
Probabilistic matching using 10+ attributes
Broad set of data partnerships
Limited set
Automatic appending of analytical attributes
Requires services
Single UI to select enrichment vendors
Automatically check for updates when refreshing data
Requires services