If You Give AI

If you give AI bad data
It’s going to make mistakes
Revealing vulnerabilities
And misinformation in its wake

It will start to make assumptions
That are clearly out of sorts
Delivering faulty insights
In your dashboards and reports

Your customer experiences will falter
And your clients will get mad
You’ll lose competitive edge
All because your data is bad

New chances to grow the business
Will stay hidden out of sight
Because when your data is that bad
AI can’t bring them into light

Your efficiency will suffer
And your users will lose trust
Because when you give AI bad data
Your company will be left in the dust

Bad data creates chaos
That's the moral of our tale
Because when you give AI good data
Your business will prevail

Good, clean data is the foundation for AI success.

Tamr data products help you get there. Organized by business entity and governed by domain, Tamr data products deliver the high-quality data your business needs to fuel AI-enabled innovation.

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