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Supporting Investors with Impactful Company Data across Sources

Leading investment firm adds leverage and scales growth using data and technology


Investors at a NYC-based investment firm struggled to consolidate information from internal and external sources about their portfolio companies and target-list companies.


Using Tamr, the firm successfully combined data from a myriad of internal and external sources, making it easy for cross-functional teams to search for and find the comprehensive, accurate company insights needed to make confident investment decisions.

A NYC-based investment firm that focuses on internet, software, and technology-enabled companies relied on data from numerous sources, including Pitchbook, Capital IQ, PredictLeads, LinkedIn, and others, as well as internal sources such as their CRM system to provide a comprehensive view of portfolio companies as well as ones that were potential investment opportunities. 

But gaining a comprehensive view of companies for use in performance reporting, deal incubation, and investment decision-making was difficult. Investors struggled to easily look up companies and see what information was available, and where it came from. 

We wanted a solution that would allow us to match different data sources with AI in a way that gave us a high level of confidence in the results and provide the ability to correct results that didn’t match correctly. We’re a small team and needed to leverage a cloud architecture to build these capabilities without hiring a lot of people.

Data Product Manager
Leading Investment Firm

A Solution that Serves Investors

To help ensure investors had a comprehensive view of portfolio companies and potential investments across internal and external sources, the firm assembled a team of experts to create a proprietary tool that delivered a holistic view of companies needed to drive business impact. 

With a goal of improving speed, performance, and accuracy, the team developed apps that focused on delivering data in support of key interests within the firm, ranging from fund performance and deal attribution to market intelligence and performance reporting. The apps also made it quick and easy for investors to look for companies and see what company and market data existed across sources. 

Within the system, investors could see not only basic firmographic details, but also information related to interactions, company news, and people. The app also provided insight into trends in web traffic, customer logos, and performance for existing portfolio companies. 

Entity Resolution, Powered by Tamr

Behind the scenes, the firm used Tamr’s entity resolution capabilities to pull together relevant information sourced from third parties as well as data from their own internal CRM system. Using a persistent TamrID, the team was able to easily link together disparate data to deliver a complete view of a company, making it easier for investors to understand the full picture. 

The apps are designed to serve investment, research, reporting, and compliance teams, among others. They not only offer a holistic and accurate view of company data from various sources but also simplify the process of conducting comparative analyses against market intelligence. Further, they can assess portfolio impact, leading them to make better, more confident investment decisions.