10 Ways Customer Data Mastering is Transforming High Tech

Guide to Mastering Customer Data for High Tech Manufacturing. Despite significant investment, most high-tech manufacturers still struggle to gain a true 360-degree view of their customers. Read this guide to learn 10 ways customer data mastering is transforming the industry.

Driving Sales by Solving Customer Account Hierarchies

Using Tamr’s modern B2B customer data mastering, the company achieved a 50% increase in the match rate of sales leads to existing accounts within the first two weeks; resulting in more closed deals in less time

How Johnson & Johnson Translates Data into Insights

For 130 years, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has maintained a tradition of quality and innovation. To continue this mission, the company’s consumer packaged goods division needed to master their data at enterprise scale. This required integrating an enormous volume of data from…

Optimize Supply Chains Using Machine Learning Superpowers

In this webinar, supply chain superheroes will learn about how human-guided machine learning improves visibility into manufacturing value streams through access to mastered, curated data on suppliers and materials.

Webinar: Sailing Toward Global Data Alignment with Carnival Corporation

Doug Frauenberger, Director, Strategic Initiatives at Carnival Corporation & plc, discusses Carnival’s journey toward global data alignment along with Sanjay Rajan, Head of Manufacturing Solutions at Tamr.

Webinar: How to Implement a Spend Analytics Program Using Machine Learning in 2020

January 15th, 2020 at 11am EST/8am PDT Presented by Sanjay Rajan – Head of Strategic Solutions, Manufacturing at Tamr About this Webinar: Your enterprise is operating in a world characterized by highly volatile markets, very short product life cycles, intense competition and…