Save Months of Time and Over 40% of Manual Effort

In this customer testimonial, Tim Baker, Global Head of New Content Initiatives shares how Thomson Reuters was able to deliver better connected content at a fraction of the time and cost with Tamr.

“Tamr’s novel integration platform enabled us to expedite our own entity integration efforts by several months while reducing the manual effort by over 40% – a substantial achievement”

Thomson Reuters provides professionals with the intelligence, technology and human expertise they need to find trusted answers.




Making Data Preparation a Cinch

In this video, Sean Collins, Tamr customer and CEO at Cinch Financial, shares how Cinch are partnering with Tamr to leverage all their data.

Tamr allowed us to bypass a painful manual data cleansing process. [With Tamr] I saw a very scalable solution for us which is to ingest that data into the Tamr system and have our own people teach it to match things.

Cinch analyzes all financial products (from credit cards to mortgages) to provide unbiased, personalized recommendations.


Reduce Time Spent Preparing Data by 85-90%

In this customer testimonial, Rob Nazzal, CEO at Custom Automated Prosthetics, and Ryan Sunderland, CAP’s Director of R&D, share how they were able to reduce time spent preparing data by 90% using Tamr to integrate all their sales, manufacturing, and market research information.

By being able to throw our data into Tamr, have the data be integrated, and let someone curate the information appropriately without having to build a lot of technology was a huge win for us and accelerated a core project in our pipeline by 6 months.

CAP helps dental laboratories transition their business into the digital age.


Raise the Bar

Enterprise customers have achieved impressive results with Tamr.

In one organization, data scientists could see their more than 15,000 sources in a single view. Another scoped out a project using existing, manual processes and compared it to the results with Tamr: a decrease in 22 weeks with manual reviews reduced by 90%. An extra benefit for a third company turned out to be that Tamr encouraged a new concept in data sharing.

Tamr raises the bar on our customers’ capabilities and expectations to be data-driven.

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Integrate customer records to deliver unified insight

Integrate customer records and deliver unified insight

A leading global financial services company that is focused on serving high net worth individuals was struggling to effectively on-board their clients and capture a clean, unified view of them to be consumed by downstream applications and systems. The company’s US location leveraged a customer account repository that was built in-house over 10 years prior but, unfortunately, didn’t contain the functionality that they needed moving forward.

The company’s implementation of Tamr to help clean up customer records has had a significant effect on downstream decision-making. Employees now trust the applications that use customer data, and this results in a more data-driven organization with improved decision-making capabilities.

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Drive down component cost and improve payment terms

Power procurement analytics that improve payment terms

A highly diversified manufacturing corporation was facing a major obstacle around generating a single view of their suppliers. The company had successfully grown organically in many industries for multiple decades but the primary driver of growth over the years has been mergers and acquisitions. The result of this model is an operating environment with numerous information silos spanning multiple business units.

Tamr implemented a unique ‘bottom-up’ approach to data integration through a combination of machine learning and expert sourcing from across the organization. This enabled the customer to create a clean, reliable supplier master list for procurement analytics.

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A cultural shift around data quality and accessibility

Shift culture around data quality and accessibility

An international pharmaceutical company has a massive problem: critical research data from thousands of scientists in labs spread across the globe is trapped in tens of thousands of spreadsheets.

Tamr analyzed thousands of spreadsheets from more than 400 scientists. The system automatically matched 86% of attributes. Then, leveraging Tamr’s expert sourcing functions, a team of 40 people further improved mapping by 10%.

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