Alan Turing did not set out to rewrite the course of history.

He set out to solve a seemingly impossible problem: breaking the enemy code. Using machine learning, Tamr unifies enterprise data at scale to help you solve your impossible problems.

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The Tamr Triple Threat

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Automate your data unification from 100s or even 1000s of sources— at scale.

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Faster data unification means faster analytics— which means faster business impact and results.

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Tamr’s machine learning delivers on all those promises that labor intensive, rules-based MDM made but never kept.


Solve your most complex operational, financial and risk-management challenges.
The ones you know about. And the ones you can’t even imagine until you have Tamr.

Hundreds of disparate systems, thousands of individual attributes, totally under control.

Tamr’s machine learning automatically draws and preps data for even the most complex analytics, in no time.

Highly regulated, operationally siloed, security-driven, product commoditized. Tamr turns financial services data into a problem-solving machine.

Deeper, clearer visibility into procurement and operations, no matter how many disparate systems and entities are involved.

Nothing brings to life the power of Tamr and machine learning quite like our customer use cases.

We hope they inspire you to discover your own Tamr use cases. How will you take your understanding of what’s possible to new heights?

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