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Big Data isn’t the problem.
Bad Data is.

Eliminate the data quality bottleneck preventing you from realizing the full value of your data infrastructure. Master your data across domains at cloud scale.

Human-Guided Machine Learning
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Obtain a complete view of your customers with a TamrID that is continuously updated with internal data and enriched with external sources.

Create a unified view of customer networks and accurate hierarchical ownership models.

Create a holistic view of customers across touchpoints to better understand customer behavior.

Get the accurate data you need to minimize supply chain complexity, reduce risk, and optimize MRO inventory.

Gain an integrated view of investigators, sites, and trials to optimize trial protocols and patient recruitment.

The only data mastering solution that offers cloud-native, hybrid, and multi-cloud deployments

Drive Growth, Lower Cost, Reduce Risk

Tamr's data mastering solutions offer a 90% reduction in manual development and curation proceses.

Drive Growth
Make informed business decisions quickly with curated, enriched datasets purpose-built to power analytics programs.
Lower Cost
Master data from hundreds of sources at scale with a machine learning-first approach that lowers the total cost of ownership.
Reduce Risk
Generate a unique Tamr ID for customers, distributors, and more, to minimize operational and regulatory risk and streamline reporting.

The DataOps Journey

Learn how data leaders across the globe are embracing DataOps to accelerate their businesses.

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