Data Mastering at Scale


Tamr helps large healthcare organizations consolidate disparate data sources—EHRs, CRMs, and credentialing systems—and master their data to streamline operations, improve care coordination, and drive patient engagement strategies.

Solving the Toughest Data Challenges in Healthcare

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    Provider Data Management

    Consolidate credentialing systems and EHRs to gain a comprehensive view of providers to streamline operations and optimize provider utilization.

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    Patient Identity Reconciliation

    Create a single view for each patient—e.g., personal information in EHRs to transactions in CRMs—to power patient engagement initiatives.

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    Claims Data Warehouse

    Reconcile claims data to better understand revenue capture, streamline quality reporting initiatives, and track preventative service and medication adherence.

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    Spend Optimization

    Realize cost savings, identify optimal suppliers, and optimize procurement strategies through consolidated spend data (e.g., ERP consolidation).

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    Data Governance Enrichment

    Classify metadata across disparate data sources for increased visibility into data assets, improve reporting on PHI and PII, and streamline compliance programs.

The only data mastering solution offering cloud-native, on-premise, and hybrid deployments

Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud

Streamlined market analyses of managed care entities by integrating 5 years of 9+ internal and syndicated data sources.


Drove millions of dollars in savings mastering $73B in global spend and reducing manual data consolidation efforts by 90%.

Enhancing Data Operations for the World's Largest Organizations
  • Accelerate data mastering projects from years to weeks or months using human-guided machine learning

  • Lower cost of ownership through reduced manual workflows

  • Empower data teams to focus on high-value work and deliver business outcomes with curated, mastered enterprise data

  • Integrate seamlessly with data pipelines and analytics solutions through open architecture and robust APIs

Transformative Analytics Start with Mastered Data

Tamr employs proprietary machine learning (ML) algorithms to accurately master entities across a variety of datasets. The ML engine is guided by human response using yes and no responses. The output is a curated, versioned dataset that can be used to power a host of downstream analytics, including data visualization tools like PowerBI and Tableau, or directly to data analysts and engineers for business intelligence and other data programs.


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