Data Product Template

Healthcare Provider Mastering

Consolidate credentialing systems and EHRs to gain a comprehensive view of providers to streamline operations and optimize provider utilization.


Provider networks have become increasingly complex and difficult to navigate. At the practice level, a provider may be associated with one or more practices within a group. And each provider is often associated with a larger group and site with facilities in multiple regions. Things only get messier when hospitals or physician practices merge, or health systems acquire hospitals and physician practices. 

Fragmented, duplicate information in disparate, disconnected systems is common when it comes to provider data. New standards, regulations, and privacy laws add yet another level of complexity. With healthcare organizations focusing on driving business efficiency and improving patient outcomes, unified provider data becomes a required core component. Remove bad data and false connections, clean datasets, and enrich data across multiple sources to ensure accurate, updated information is available for each provider in the network for each of their associations.



 Restricted visibility into provider data creates exposure to a myriad of risks

Healthcare organizations need a solution that can handle data volume and variability and automate data onboarding to comply with regulations and avoid operational and reputation risks.


Reduce provider burnout from over-assignment by ensuring physicians have manageable patient loads.


Better meet patient needs by developing a staffing schedule that assigns physicians to peak times and helps manage follow up visits.


Achieve a holistic view into an organization’s resource utilization and deliver optimal patient care by mastering multiple health care provider datasets


A solution built on patented, innovative machine learning technology

Tamr’s data mastering and enrichment solutions make it easy to integrate internal and external data sources quickly to power analytic insights and drive business outcomes. Our integrated turn-key solutions combine machine learning optimized for scale and accuracy, a low code/no code environment, and data enrichment built into the workflow to streamline operations.

Leverage a holistic view into provider data to accelerate growth

Reliable provider data is an essential tool for finding ways to improve patient outcomes, streamlining operations, reducing healthcare costs, and accelerating growth.