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Tamr Customer 360

Discovering a Company’s True Customer
Base Amid Dirty Sales Data

Littelfuse validates distributor sales data to achieve
a holistic view of its end customers with machine learning


Key results delivered with Tamr:

  • Newly-mastered customer data revealed Littelfuse's true customer base was significantly smaller (-200%) and demographically different than presumed. This revelation gave leadership the data-backed insights it needed to change course and better up-sell and cross-sell existing customers, predict customer churn, prioritize accounts, and forecast ARR.
  • Evolved static customer reports and dashboards into real-time analytic reports; unlocking business insights which leadership relies on to make radically better data-informed decisions.
  • Using Tamr’s human-guided, machine-learning-powered data mastering technology, Littelfuse managed to create a mastered corporate hierarchy of its customers with persistent IDs from its 200+ data sources.


Littelfuse, a successful $7bn market cap multinational electrical components manufacturer with a vast distributor network, needed to improve insights into its B2B sales process and results—starting with understanding how many customers it actually had. With sales data coming from 200+ transactional data sources, such as SAP and Oracle, understanding the answer to this fundamental question wasn’t easy. Nor was keeping up with constant changes to the disconnected and diverse data, particularly data coming from distributors.

By moving to a modern, cloud-native data mastering solution, Littelfuse effectively curated and enriched their customer data, both from internal sources and from distributors, yielding an accurate, living dataset of true end customers.


“Right away the insights that we got into our customer base, our sales orders, and our churn rate were really astounding.” 

- Ryan Stafford, EVP, Littelfuse

The problem:

Low-quality customer and distributor data hid Littelfuse’s true customer base

As a successful business, Littelfuse had the good fortune to double in size every 3-5 years.

In part, due to its growth, Littelfuse lacked accurate data on its customers. Data coming from distributors was typically low quality and inconsistently submitted, preventing insight into the company’s customer accounts. As a result, sales reps had a hard time up- or cross-selling because they couldn’t track the corporate relationships across customers’ accounts, nor what they had bought.

This missing insight into customer data led to inefficient sales coverage, poor customer service as sales reps and distributors overlapped on accounts, and missed opportunities for upselling due to incomplete purchase history information.

Tamr’s solution:

Mastering Littelfuse’s customer data at scale with machine learning


Recognizing the problems being caused by their broken system, Littelfuse turned to human-guided, machine-learning-powered data mastering technology from Tamr.

With Tamr's Customer 360 solution in place, Littelfuse:

  • Continuously unified data from its assumed 1.4M customer accounts to reveal the true underlying 0.5M unique customers.
  • Generated persistent Tamr IDs that became the primary identifier in the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, enabling accounts to be linked to their corporate parents.
  • Created a repeatable pipeline to tie approximately 0.8M quotes to ~5M transactional records.

The company now possesses a 360 degree view of its customers with on-demand analytics and insight into the corporate hierarchies of its customers. This data is helping identify new opportunities for upsell and cross-sell across accounts. End customer purchases and relationships across corporate accounts are no longer mysteries.

The bottom line:

Tamr’s Customer 360 solution unlocks key insights from customer data to drive upsell and cross-sell opportunities

By moving to Tamr’s modern, B2B customer data mastering, Littelfuse streamlined and sped up the sales process; and, critically, now trusts business data to inform decisions. With Tamr, they were able to:

  • Accelerate analytic outcomes, evolving from one-off, highly-manual reports to on-demand analytics for sales pyramids, churn reports, and distributor exclusivity reports.
  • Revamp sales forecasting with the ability to break down sales by customer across direct and indirect channels.
  • Prioritize top accounts for sales coverage based on true customer spend and forecasted ARR.
  • Confidently and quickly take key business actions, such as identifying and incentivizing high-performance resellers with special promotions.

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