July 30, 2020

Air Force Selects Tamr to Accelerate New Aircraft Configuration Evaluations with Data Mastering Solutions

Tamr, Inc., the leader in data mastering solutions, today announced that it has been awarded a new five year $60 million contract ceiling from the U.S. Air Force SEEK EAGLE Office (AFSEO) to accelerate and automate the process of flight certification recommendations for new flight configurations.AFSEO is responsible for verifying safe flight operating conditions for planes loaded with new stores (sensors, weapons, electronic warfare (EW) pods and a variety of other aeronautic devices) and new configurations. With more than 30 years of aircraft performance studies, AFSEO accumulated substantial amounts of data that can be leveraged in the evaluation process for new configurations. However, over time, this critical data has been dispersed and siloed, limiting AFSEO’s ability to use it to certify new stores. AFSEO selected Tamr to mine the technical content in historical documents using their machine learning software and technical expertise to quickly identify relevant antecedents that can support the engineering decisions to protect pilots and aircraft as well as meet the evolving mission.Flight safety depends on accurate, fast data analysis. Our goal is to leverage machine learning to quickly search and sift through more than 30 years of data to automatically make recommendations ‘by analogy’. This recommendation would take weeks for an engineer to develop manually.With Tamr, AFSEO can predict if a configuration is safe based on previously approved configurations.

  • Increased ROI and utilization of existing Air Force aircraft
  • Increased efficiency of AFSEO engineers and analysts
  • Dramatic savings in average time per request, as a first draft report that takes a human weeks or months, is now generated in seconds
  • Automatically tagged more than 60,000 historical documents, letting analysts find relevant studies faster
  • Delivered substantial cost savings by keeping analysis in AFSEO instead of contracting aircraft manufacturers

“AFSEO performs difficult tasks to deliver a very important capability to current and future generations of aircraft,” said Mike Gormley, Lead for Tamr Government Solutions. “This contract demonstrates their confidence in Tamr to improve the organization’s current throughput and agility for future mission requirements.”This production award comes after successfully completing a 20-month prototype effort with the Defense Innovation Unit--the Department of Defense organization focused exclusively on fielding and scaling commercial technology across the U.S. military at commercial speed. Webinar: The Chief Data Officer of the U.S. Air Force SEEK EAGLE Office will address how the Air Force implemented machine learning to accelerate and automate the process of recommendations for new flight configurations. Date: August 24th, 2020. Register here.