Tamr Platform

Tamr’s data mastering and enrichment solutions make it easy to integrate internal and external data sources quickly to power analytic insights and drive business outcomes.


Technology innovation proven by our patents

Tamr was founded in 2013, based on Turing award winner Dr. Michael Stonebraker’s research at MIT’s Computer Science and AI Lab. Innovation in machine learning and data mastering is at the heart of our foundation and as new standards in scale and efficiency develop over time, so does our technology. Our patent portfolio includes 15 patents across 12 families that reflect our success in continuing to deliver innovation to customers that depend on clean, accurate data. Tamr’s first-of-its-kind product architecture enables customers to master their data faster, and with far more flexibility, than traditional approaches.


How Tamr works

With Tamr, machine learning does the heavy lifting to consolidate, cleanse and enrich data, enabling teams to drive better business outcomes faster. Be confident that the data fueling your analytics and operations is correct and complete, so your decisions are too.


Our Partner Network


We believe that no ‘single platform’ can solve all of a customer’s data challenges. We’re committed to making it easy for customers to benefit from Tamr’s solutions within their own ‘best-of-breed’ ecosystem. Our partners include system integrators, technology vendors, and resellers who share our vision for the next-gen data ecosystem.


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