Tamr Mastering

Using our expert-trained machine learning (ML) algorithms, our data mastering software consolidates, cleans, and categorizes your internal and external data sources to power the insights that your company needs.

Replace your human-intensive processes with a machine learning-first, human in the loop data management model that can scale as your business grows.


How our data mastering solution works

Tamr Mastering uses a machine learning-first approach so you can maximize the impact of business rules and human curation to get trusted, high quality data without a multi-year master data management initiative.

Start by choosing from a catalog of Data products designed by Tamr’s expert data scientists. Each Data product includes pre-trained machine learning models, data enrichment, a recommended schema, and record consolidation logic, Tamr then helps you test, validate, and refine your mastering pipeline so you’re consuming data that meets business requirements. The outcome — 90% less time spent manually improving data quality, and new business insights to drive revenue, cost savings, and risk reduction. Take a look at our ROI calculator to see how much profit our data mastering tool can deliver for you.

Thanks to our numerous partnerships and integrations, Tamr’s data mastering tool seamlessly integrates with the tools you already use to get you business insights from your data faster, to everyone in your company who needs it.








Deliver clean data in the form the business needs it.

You own your data. Most external match services and traditional data quality systems use rules to establish unified records. The results are often rigid and impractical. With Tamr Cloud, you’re in control of how your data is mastered.

1 Identify Duplicates

Leverage purpose build machine learning models to recognize duplicate records across and within data sources.

2 Create Golden Records

Create a complete view of customer information and assign a unique ID as a consistent identifier and single source of truth.

3 Enrich

Built-in pipeline Learn More

4 Understand Hierarchies

Flexibility to classify customers based on how you manage customers, from sites and sales regions to corporate hierarchies.

 Get an in-depth overview of our data mastering capabilities

 Our open product documentation allows you to look into our user guides, API references, and recent product enhancements.




Data leaders and influencers predict what’s ahead for data and analytics in 2023 and offer advice for organizations looking to become data-driven next year.


See Tamr Mastering in action

Legacy master data management tools have tried to solve impossible data challenges with human effort — people to create governance rules, people to create match rules, and people to manually steward the data. We believe machine learning and referential data belong at the foundation of modern MDM and we call this next-generation approach ‘data mastering’.