Showdown: Rules-Based MDM vs. AI-Powered Golden Records

Not sure which solution is right for you? Let’s look at a head-to-head comparison of AI-powered golden records versus rules-based MDM to see how each solution stacks up.

AI-Powered Golden Records
Rules-Based MDM
Speed & Savings

Delivers faster time to value and lower project and ongoing operational costs

Time to golden records

Golden records achieved in days, not months or years.

Takes months to years to reconcile and standardize data.

Project costs

Lower project costs due to efficiency and automation.

Higher project costs due to extensive manual intervention.

Operational costs

Lower operational costs.

Higher operational costs due to manual processes and maintenance.


Clean, matched, trustworthy data delivered on your terms and ready for consumption

Data quality and matching

Entirely focused on enhancing data quality and matching for effective entity resolution.

Relies on manual preparation, leading to potential inconsistencies and errors in data quality and matching.

Automation and efficiency

Automation reduces data curation efforts by 90%, enhancing accuracy.

Labor-intensive and time-consuming due to manual processes, reducing overall efficiency and data accuracy.

Resource allocation

Frees up valuable resources for other critical tasks by automating data management processes.

Diverts valuable resources from critical tasks due to the need for extensive manual work in data management.


Aligns all data sources and unique data attributes plus 1-click, 3rd party enrichment capabilities to take data to the next level

Data quality and completeness

Ensures highest value data is comprehensive and complete.

Requires you to manually develop data quality logic.

Data synchronization

Matches data across all source systems, including unique data attributes.

Requires you to build and maintain complex matching logic.

Unique company attributes

Recognizes and leverages unique data attributes that make a company distinct.

Difficult to utilize unique company attributes.

Third-party enrichment

Offers 1-click, 3rd party data enrichment to enhance data further.

Must build custom integrations to enrich with 3rd-party data.


Real-time API integrations and AI-powered search+ Easy human engagement = Accuracy and completeness of golden records over time

Longevity of golden records

Ensures golden records are durable over time by using APIs to connect source systems for ongoing data additions and changes

Struggles with long-term durability due to slower adaptation to new datasources.

Adaptability to new data sources

Seamlessly integrates with various data sources, whether operational systems like Salesforce, marketing websites, or third-party providers, maintaining data currency and accuracy.

Requires manual updates and integrations, making it less adaptable to new or changing data sources.


Offers real-time, AI-powered search to keep data up-to-date, preventing inaccurate or duplicative data from entering the system.

Relies on periodic manual reconciliation and ID-based lookups, leading to potential delays in updating and maintaining accurate data records.

User accessibility

User-friendly for business users, data curators, analysts, and other team members to review, refine, and approve updates and changes, enhancing collaborative and efficient data management.

Monolithic platforms require more specialized knowledge for data review and updates, impeding collaboration and efficiency.

AI data management systems overcome the limits of rigid, rules-based MDM solutions by providing flexibility to adapt to the needs of modern, data-driven businesses. Decentralized governance, coupled with an intuitive interface and seamless integration, puts the management and control of data into the hands of the people who need it to drive business growth, even as data changes.

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