Suki Dhuphar
Suki Dhuphar
Head of EMEA
March 12, 2024

How are Businesses Using Customer 360 Views?

How are Businesses Using Customer 360 Views?
  • Customer 360 views enable businesses to target marketing campaigns and personalize offers, spot cross-sell and upsell opportunities, reduce churn, and boost customer satisfaction
  • Taking an AI-first approach to Customer 360 use cases enables organizations to save time and money compared with traditional, rules-based MDM solutions
  • Toyota Motors Europe and Santander UK partnered with Tamr to deliver the AI-powered, human-refined customer golden records needed to drive business growth and improve customer experiences

For B2B and B2C businesses, Customer 360 is the Holy Grail for marketing, sales, and support teams. Done well, Customer 360 enables businesses to deliver personalized experiences, uncover hidden revenue opportunities, and deliver world-class customer support. Done poorly, and organizations will suffer customer dissatisfaction, stagnant revenue growth, and customer attrition.

Implementing a Customer 360 use case isn't easy. A slew of challenges including siloed data, poor data quality, and antiquated master data management (MDM) solutions that can't scale make attaining Customer 360 views elusive and difficult.

That's why businesses need a new approach. To overcome the historical barriers to achieving Customer 360, businesses must explore innovative strategies that deliver the AI-powered, human-refined golden records needed to deliver the kinds of experiences their customers expect.

How Customer 360 Fits into Existing Business Strategies

Customer 360 views provide businesses with golden records that integrate customer data across a variety of disparate systems and sources, both internal and external. The benefits of having these customer golden records are immense: better, more personalized experiences, increased customer satisfaction, reduced churn, and greater lifetime customer value.

In addition, Customer 360 views make it easier for businesses to make better decisions. Not only can they feel confident that they have a holistic view that encompasses all relevant information and touch points related to the customer, but they can also rest assured that their decisions are based on golden records that contain the best version of their customer data.

Here are a few examples of how Customer 360 views benefit various parts of the organization.

  • When marketing departments have Customer 360 views, they have a better understanding of customer activities and preferences, enabling them to target and personalize their marketing campaigns with relevant offers aligned to customer needs.
  • Sales teams use Customer 360 views to spot untapped revenue opportunities that were previously obscured because data about buying patterns and behaviors were dispersed across a myriad of systems and departments throughout the organization.
  • Customer 360 views provide customer support teams with a unique understanding of the customer, including insight into their interactions, preferences, and purchase history. As a result, these teams can deliver the personalized support customers expect, leading to greater levels of customer satisfaction and higher retention rates.

Examples of Customer 360 Use Cases In Action

While achieving a true Customer 360 view may seem like an insurmountable task, there are organizations who have successfully implemented Customer 360 use cases. Using Tamr, Toyota Motors Europe and Santander UK delivered the AI-powered, human-refined golden records their organizations needed to achieve business goals. Here's how they did it.

Customer 360 at Toyota Motors Europe (TME)

Toyota Motors Europe (TME) had an objective to grow their business across Europe. However, with 30 national marketing and sales companies (NMSCs) operating across 50 countries, growing the business was no small undertaking. They launched an initiative to put the customer closer to the center of their activities, however, with each NMSC using their own systems and approaches to integration, gaining a consolidated view of customers proved challenging. Not only did their customer data vary in quality, but it was also trapped in data silos, making it nearly impossible for TME to innovate, collaborate, and scale their European business.

To tackle this challenge, TME partnered with Tamr. Using Tamr's unique combination of AI and human intelligence, TME was able to eliminate data silos and improve the accuracy and consistency of their data in a cost-effective way. Tamr not only enabled TME to clean and standardize their data, but they were also able to easily add new sources and track changes and improvements to the data over time. And, using the collaborative capabilities within Tamr, TME employed human intelligence to capture input and validate results, helping to improve the trust and accuracy in the data.
As a result of using Tamr, TME not only gained a unified view of its customers, but it also reduced duplicate customer records by 40%. They improved overall marketing sales and marketing efficiency and effectiveness as well, enabling them to deliver the exception experiences their customers expect.
“Toyota is intensely focused on innovation and customer satisfaction. We want to deeply understand our customers and provide them with the best products and services we have to offer in a very innovative way. We saw a more integrated approach to unifying customer data as a core component of this.”
Matt Stevens, General Manager, Toyota Motors Europe

Customer 360 at Santander UK

Santander UK faced a challenge common to many organizations: their siloed data made it difficult to reconcile customer data. And because they were unable to gain a 360-degree view of customers across these various sources their lending decisions were slow, causing customer frustration.
Santander UK attempted to remediate the situation using rules-based master data management (MDM) solutions, but these solutions failed to deliver the holistic views they needed to reduce lending time and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Using Tamr's unique, AI-first approach to cleaning, curating, and enriching data and Tamr IDs, Santander UK successfully unified 45 sources and millions of customer records into comprehensive, accurate customer golden records. And they did so in just under four weeks.
As a result of their partnership with Tamr, the bank increased confidence in their customer data, which, in turn, accelerated lending processes, increased the reliability of reporting and compliance data, and opened new cross-selling opportunities across divisions and products.

A New Approach to Address Customer 360 Use Cases

Toyota Motors Europe and Santander UK prove that businesses can overcome the challenges associated with the creation of Customer 360 views and realize immense business value. But doing so requires organizations to take a different approach than they have in the past.

Relying on traditional, rules-based MDM solutions is no longer sufficient. MDM solutions were built for static data. That means when the data changes, the rules must change, too. And in today's world where data is dynamic and ever-evolving, MDM simply can't scale.

In contrast, an AI-first approach, coupled with human refinement, makes it easier and faster to discover, enrich, and maintain the trustworthy customer golden records that organizations need to deliver personalized experiences and accelerate business growth.

The refinement process enables businesses to take advantage of both AI capabilities and human expertise. Together, AI and human expertise allow organizations to:

  • Achieve best-in-class match rates with external data, ensuring customer data remains accurate and reliable
  • Create a personalized, single view of each customer by integrating every indicator in the system of record with human validation
  • Evolve as business needs and data landscapes change

Customer 360 is within your reach. Book a demo today and discover why leading companies are abandoning rules-baed MDM solutions in favor of Tamr's advanced AI technology for Customer 360.