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May 4, 2021

Become a Jedi Master of your data

Become a Jedi Master of your data

Organizations from all industries are migrating to the cloud in order to accelerate analytical and operational outcomes at scale. Tamr is cloud-native on AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure and is designed and architected to maximize leverage from cloud components for performance and scalability. With Tamr, landing your data in the cloud doesn’t require a trip to a galaxy far far away, just a conversation with one of our migration experts. Here’s some Yoda-like guidance about how Tamr helps make a cloud migration successful.

1. How to maximize your cloud migration from Google Cloud and Tamr

To help companies make the most of a move to Google Cloud, Evren Eryurek, Director of Product Management at Google Cloud, joined Tamr Chief Product Officer Anthony Deighton for a discussion on how a successful migration entails aligning your cloud and business strategies. This blog post features some additional key takeaways. Additionally, you can watch the entire conversation below.

2. Getting The Most From Your AWS Migration with Data Mastering

Before migrating to AWS, it is critical to think about how you will clean, curate, and master your data. You don’t want issues like siloed data, duplicate records and incomplete records following you to the cloud. This guide will build an understanding of how you can take advantage of machine learning in the cloud to manage 10 times as much data, with one-tenth the people and in one-tenth the time.

3. Scaling in the Cloud: Azure

Learn why customers are turning to Tamr and Microsoft Azure to master data at scale. This DataMasters session covers the topics of cost savings generated by leveraging Tamr’s cloud-native capabilities, how Tamr works with Azure’s data services and what customers should know about migrating to Microsoft Azure from on-premise systems.

4. Leading with Data Mastering: Getting The Most From Your Google Cloud Migration

The benefits of cloud technology are a true business gamechanger. But before you reach the “promised land in the cloud”, you’ll need to reconcile how to best migrate your data in order to take full advantage of the new cloud benefits. This guide looks at how organizations can use Tamr to overcome their toughest data challenges as they move to Google Cloud. If you care to join us on the dark side, here is some bonus content: https://www.tamr.com/blog/cloud-migrations-with-tamr/ May the fourth be with you.