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March 2, 2023

Why B2C Customer Mastering Matters to Your Business

Why B2C Customer Mastering Matters to Your Business

Customers today demand personalized experiences more than ever before. In order to deliver the kinds of experiences customers expect, you need access to clean, curated, continuously-

updated data about them. In many cases, however, this customer data is incomplete or inaccurate, making it difficult to connect online and offline experiences together into a coherent customer journey.

Data Products: A Remedy for Dirty, Disconnected Data

Overcoming the challenges presented by dirty, disconnected data is an age-old problem. Today, companies are shifting to new strategies to solve this problem, and focusing on data products as a way to gain a holistic view of their customers.

Data products are the best version of data, providing a consumption-ready set of high-quality, trustworthy, and accessible data that people across an organization can use to solve business challenges. They are comprehensive, clean, curated, and continuously-updated data sets for key business entities such as customer records. Both humans and machines can consume data products broadly and securely across the business.

Good data products embrace four principles that define their value:

  1. Discoverable and interoperable using intuitive user and machine interfaces that support real-time operations
  2. Comprehensive and consistent by aligning to a domain-specific, universal schema and enriching data with reference data sources
  3. Clean, accurate, and reliable with validation and cleaning based on global standards and version control for monitoring and provenance
  4. Curated and continuously-updated using pre-built, machine learning-based matching models and curated with feedback from end users

Within these four principles are seven key capabilities that define every good data product:

  1. Curated with feedback from end users
  2. Managed by real-time operations through machine interfaces
  3. Aligned to domain-specific, universal schema
  4. Mastered through machine learning-based matching models
  5. Validated and cleaned based on global standards
  6. Enriched with external data sources
  7. Version-controlled for monitoring and provenance

As is the case with many products, not all data products are created equal. But when you use these principles and capabilities as a guide, you’ll be able to differentiate the good data products from the not-so-good ones.

B2C Customer Mastering: A Data Product Template from Tamr

Tamr’s B2C Customer Mastering data product template enables businesses to quickly master their customer data at scale. Because much of a B2C organization’s data is first-party data provided by the customer, it is often incomplete or inaccurate. B2C customer mastering creates a unified, accurate, and enriched view of the customer, enabling you to deliver the high-quality, personalized experience your customer expects.

As more organizations move towards a cookie-less environment, B2C customer mastering will become even more critical. While purchasing third-party data about individual consumers is risky because of privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA, companies can tap into publicly-available sources to enrich their data and to validate that their first-party data is correct and complete. They can also use enrichment to understand more about the data they have. For example, is the phone number that a customer provided a mobile phone or a landline? This information is critical as it determines whether or not you can text a personalized offer to the consumer.

B2C Customer Mastering can also help identify where households exist in order to target these customers more holistically. Using matching capabilities, B2C Customer Mastering can identify individuals with the same last name and same address, flagging them as potentially part of the same household.

Finally, B2C Customer Mastering helps you marry information about a customer that you collected in different systems and during different types of experiences. For example, it enables you to connect online activity on your website and in-person engagement at a brick-and-mortar store by joining the customer’s information and preferences together into a single, holistic customer view.

It’s Time to Know Your Customers

Implementing a data product strategy is simple when you have the right tools and technologies. Tamr is the data product platform for organizations looking to increase the value of their customer data by treating it as a product. Our turn-key data product templates combine machine learning, optimized for scale and accuracy, with a low code/no code environment and integrated data enrichment to streamline operations. See a demo of how our data products work at www.tamr.com/demo.