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Automate data mastering for customer data. Get insights faster.

Tamr’s cloud-native data mastering solution efficiently cleans and curates the customer data you’ve migrated to Snowflake to provide the 360-degree views needed for analytics and data applications. Using machine learning instead of rules, Tamr’s approach to master data management automates 80%+ of technical effort, enabling organizations to spend more time generating insights.

Cloud-native, machine-driven data
mastering for all data entities


Create 360-degree
views quickly, easily

Machine learning handles the heavy lifting around clean and curating data stored in Snowflake


Capture more value
from data sharing

Efficiently and accurately join shared datasets to drive better usage of data


Adopt a modern approach
to data mastering

Use cloud-native data mastering and machine learning guided by human feedback to rapidly curate data


Tamr and Snowflake A Powerful
Combination at Blackstone

Mastering data within Snowflake from dozens of external data sources with internal legal entity lists for risk analytics


Tamr and Snowflake are a very powerful combination. We organized our data into a clean, cloud architecture to make it usable inside Snowflake.”


Thomas Pelogruto

Chief Data Architect, Blackstone

Tamr Accelerates Business Outcomes


Customer Mastering

Gain a 360-degree view of customers (B2B or B2C)

Tamr performs the large scale entity resolution required for complete, accurate customer insights


Regulatory (GDPR, KYC, AML)

Onboard and verify customers/prospects to meet regulatory requirements in industries like financial services, healthcare and life sciences

Tamr provides near-real time matching of new records to existing & external ones


Product Mastering

Identify substitute and alternate products to drive cross-sell & up-sell

Tamr deduplicates and categorizes products to improve insight into sales trends and opportunities to increase margin

Tamr, Snowflake architecture

Tamr can be connected to Snowflake for batch mastering or called as an external function for incremental processing. Tamr receives the raw or transformed data and returns TamrIDs linking disparate records and a golden record containing the most complete and accurate representation of a customer.


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