An Expert’s Guide to Data Enrichment

Companies today are realizing greater value from their internal data. But they’re also discovering that much of their data is incomplete, inconsistent, and unclean, living in a myriad of disparate systems across multiple departments. But here’s a secret that many companies have not yet revealed: the best version of their data lives outside their organization.

Linking valuable, internal data with external data through data enrichment provides decision makers with data that is cleaner, more accurate, and more complete. In our e-book you’ll discover:

  • What data enrichment is and how the different types work
  • Why businesses need data enrichment
  • Which questions to ask — and answer — to successfully enrich your data

You’ll also learn why the best data enrichment services are ones that are built natively into the data mastering process, and how Tamr Enrich enhances internal data sets with additional, often external sources. Download the e-book now.

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