Becoming a DataOps Expert:

Putting DataOps Strategies into Practice

In 2015, Tamr’s Co-founder and CEO, Andy Palmer, defined DataOps as “a data management method that emphasizes communication, collaboration, integration, automation and measurement of cooperation between data engineers, data scientists and other data professionals.” 

What was an emerging discipline back then is practically mainstream today. Now, organizations are recognizing DataOps as the reason for the success of their digital transformation and their ability to become more data driven. So how can you contribute to reaching these critical goals?

As an aspiring DataOps expert, it’s important to understand:

  • How to articulate the benefits of DataOps to other internal teams
  • What four things every expert should know and how to put them into practice
  • Where to look for the latest best practices, strategies, and advice to stay ahead

Savvy DataOps experts know a lot. But most importantly, they know that the key to becoming data driven is having clean, curated, comprehensive data — and that DataOps is critical to reaching this goal. Download the ebook to learn how to gain the crucial skills your organization needs and make you stand out from your peers.


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