December 3, 2020

Tamr joins Microsoft, other leading technology companies as a Azure Synapse Analytics launch partner

Tamr, Inc., the provider of cloud-native data mastering solutions, today announced its selection by Microsoft as a launch partner for Azure Synapse Analytics. Organizations can use Tamr to deliver mastered, analytics-ready data into Azure Synapse Analytics, which is now generally available. Tamr enables companies to automate a significant portion of data mastering by leveraging Spark to keep data within Synapse complete, accurate, and up-to-date in an ongoing way. Tamr joins approximately 30 other leading technology companies as launch partners.

Tamr shares Microsoft’s goal of breaking down data silos so enterprises can harness the power of their data. To help major organizations achieve this, including joint customers like GSK and Creative Artists Agency, Tamr established a winning partnership with Microsoft Azure.

Delivering the quality of mastered data required for next-generation analytics like the ones provided by Azure Synapse Analytics means embracing cloud-based data mastering that uses human guided machine learning to organize, harmonize, and clean an organization’s data. Using machine learning to master data requires large quantities of elastic compute, which only exist on cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure.    

“Tamr is proud to partner with Microsoft Azure and be selected as an Azure Synapse Analytics launch partner. Many of our customers rely on Microsoft Azure as key to their cloud migration strategies,” said Tamr CEO and co-founder Andy Palmer. “Tamr enables the creation of  comprehensive mastered datasets that drive timely analytics and deliver tangible business outcomes like reducing spend, driving growth and minimizing risk. As the only cloud-native data mastering solution running on Microsoft Azure, Tamr enables our customers to efficiently migrate to the cloud while quickly and easily mastering their key data.”

Tamr’s Azure-native data mastering solution uses purpose built machine learning combined with feedback from data experts to do the heavy lifting required for large enterprises to connect thousands of rapidly changing internal and external data sources. Tamr uses Azure’s elastic and ephemeral capabilities to scale resources as required to do iterative data mastering while generating unprecedented cost savings compared to on-premise deployments. Most importantly, Tamr data mastering projects running on cloud-native platforms such as Microsoft Azure complete as much as 90% faster than on premise efforts delivering business value to users quickly. And not waiting for physical hardware provisioning alone saves up to 40% of time.  

Used together, Tamr and Microsoft Azure mark a departure from using legacy rules-based master data management (MDM) solutions to master data. This modern approach to data management means moving away from brittle rule-based logic that fails to scale to enterprise workloads, is costly to maintain, and time consuming to change. As Turing Award winner and Tamr co-founder Michael Stonebraker likes to say, “If you have a data mastering problem that cannot be done in 500 rules, you are heading into quicksand if you use MDM.” A more iterative approach to data mastering enables tech teams to engage business users who are the master data consumers and enables them to achieve real business outcomes radically faster.

Tamr’s partnership and deep product integration is expanding as Tamr is also a launch partner for Azure Purview. Tamr naturally supports Azure Purview’s unified data governance service that lets organizations achieve a complete understanding of their data. Azure Purview helps discover all data across an organization, track lineage of data, and create a business glossary wherever it is stored: on-premise, across clouds, in SaaS applications, or in Power BI.  

Customers have the option of purchasing Tamr through the Azure Marketplace, where it’s listed.

To learn more about Tamr’s cloud native capabilities on Azure, visit Tamr’s Microsoft Azure partner page.

About Tamr, Inc.

Tamr is the leading cloud-native machine learning based data mastering company that accelerates data-driven business outcomes for large organizations. Industry leaders like Toyota, Societe Generale, and Novartis trust Tamr to manage their enterprise data as an asset. Tamr’s unique approach of using human-guided machine learning algorithms to accelerate data mastering projects lets the world’s largest organizations enhance their data operations, rapidly activate latent data, and increase the velocity of business outcomes through data-driven insights. With a co-founding team led by Andy Palmer (founding CEO of Vertica) and Mike Stonebraker (Turing Award winner) and backed by investors including NEA and Google Ventures, Tamr is transforming how companies get value from their data.