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Master Data Management (MDM) Alternative

Cloud-native scaled-up data mastering approach lowers the cost of ownership, increase data accuracy, and accelerate insights to weeks instead of years when compared with traditional MDM solutions


How CAA Masters their Data with Tamr

Over seven years of driving business outcomes using human-guided machine learning to master data for the world’s largest organizations.

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Traditional MDM vs Cloud-Native, Machine Learning-first MDM

Cloud-native MDM capabilities scale up and optimize data pipeline performance while controlling costs. With Tamr, machine learning does the heavy lifting to consolidate, cleanse and categorize data, enabling teams to drive better business outcomes faster.  


Tamr Data Mastering vs Traditional MDM

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Traditional MDM


Results delivered in days to weeks

Results delivered in months to years


Reduces the time to add new data sources by up to 90%

Months of iterations with IT to integrate new datasets

Cloud Support

Only cloud-native data mastering solution

Deployed on-prem or VM in the cloud


Patented ML algorithms compare millions of records in minutes

Rules logic take months to develop for limited datasets

Data Accuracy

Studies show 90%+ accuracy with Tamr human-guided ML

Rules-based systems typically produce 50-80% accuracy


RESTful APIs and modern data publishing capabilities

Low interoperability with data pipeline and technology stacks


Highly adaptive models can readily master data across multiple domains

New business domains require completely separate configurations and deployment efforts


ML models drastically reduces manual maintenance cost and cloud-native capabilities significantly lower hosting costs

Costly to develop, maintain, and operate rules logic, while on-prem and VM deployments drive significant hosting costs



4 Reasons to Switch from Traditional MDM 

  • Lower cost of ownership of data mastering projects with cloud-native capabilities
  • Reduce manual workflows by up to 90% for highly-skilled data teams
  • Accelerate data mastering projects to weeks or months instead of years
  • Integrate seamlessly with data management stack through robust APIs



A US Financial Institution estimates ~$20M in annual savings from deploying Tamr for one data mastering project.


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