Data Mastering at Scale

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Tamr helps the world's largest manufacturing companies master their data at scale to improve operations, streamline supply chains, and drive cost savings.


Solving the Toughest Data Challenges in Manufacturing

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    Spend Analytics and Procurement

    Increase visibility into corporate spend, streamline category strategy development, discover the best suppliers, and reduce costs by identifying dormant or duplicate suppliers.

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    Product Rationalization

    Remove blind spots in inventory and distribution and drive informed decisions by classifying SKUs at a granular level, including data about distributors and retailers.

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    Accurate Product Traceability

    Improve decisions for product recalls by building accurate product traceability across data silos from design, supplier receipts, manufacturing quality, failure reports, sensor data and maintenance records.

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    Customer 360

    Create a consistent customer experience and drive brand loyalty by creating a single view of each customer, to support cross-sell and up-sell activities.

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    Supply Chain Management

    Streamline operations by mastering supplier data from ERP systems across business units, factories and geographies, categorize parts and materials, and stay ahead of changes to the supply chain.

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    Failure Event Mastering

    Close the loop between failure events in the field and the cause of the failures by mastering event datasets to drive improvements in supplier quality, design robustness and manufacturing processes.

The only data mastering solution offering cloud-native, on-premise, and hybrid deployments

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$300M in cost savings through parts and supplier mastering
Mastered customer data from 30 data sources across the globe in less than 6 months
Consolidated suppliers and parts data from 75+ ERPs (25M+ records)
Enhancing Data Operations for the World's Largest Organizations
  • Accelerate data mastering projects from years to weeks or months using human-guided machine learning

  • Lower cost of ownership through reduced manual workflows

  • Empower data teams to focus on high-value work and deliver business outcomes with curated, mastered enterprise data

  • Integrate seamlessly with data pipelines and analytics solutions through open architecture and robust APIs

Transformative Analytics Start with Mastered Data

Tamr employs proprietary machine learning (ML) algorithms to accurately master entities across a variety of datasets. The ML engine is guided by human response, using yes and no responses.

The output is a curated, versioned dataset that can be used to power a host of downstream analytics, including data visualization tools like Qlik and Tableau, or directly to data analysts and engineers for business intelligence and other data programs.


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