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Tamr for Manufacturing

Leverage disruptive data unification technology to manufacture products cheaper, faster, and of higher quality.

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Build an intelligent supply chain through better data

Tamr leverages an agile, human-guided machine learning approach to consolidate, combine, and classify supply chain data from across your organization. This integration of supplier, spend, part, and material data enables operational and strategic insights that transform manufacturing processes across the supply chain.
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Understand your supplier relationships

Identify risks and opportunities you didn’t know you had by unifying supplier data from disparate supply management and procurement systems.

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Know what to buy, when

Gain control of your procurement channels by integrating purchase data from the bill of material to the purchase order.

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Create savings levers with new insights

Leverage insights to design your supply base, optimize pricing and terms, and track your performance with smarter supplier and inventory management.

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Customer Experience

By quickly integrating views from 75+ ERP systems, 2M supplier records, and 25M non-unique parts in purchasing systems across business units, Tamr was able to help drive $500M in savings for GE.

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Sales and Customer Insights

With Tamr’s agile data unification approach to consolidating sales, marketing, and CRM system data, organizations can cost-effectively increase targeted marketing of global customers and build market insights for profitable customer relationships.
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Identify your most valuable customers

Bring in prospective and existing customers across sales and marketing channels to obtain a 360 view of customer engagement and opportunities.

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Optimize sales of finished products

Capture and consolidate all of your finished product data to identify how variations of the product are performing across markets.

Customer Experience

“An inconsistent view of customer data was restricting our ability to innovate and meet the expectations of our customers…addressing these issues led us to an enterprise data unification approach, and a vendor, Tamr. We rejected traditional commercial offerings like MDM tools because their top-down approach required a single data model.”

– Matt Stevens
Director of Information Systems at Toyota Motor Europe

Smarter Operation and Asset Management

Tamr’s data unification solution, powered by human-guided machine learning, enables manufacturers to make use of all of the data generated along every part of the production line.
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Capture the overall health of your production lines at a glance

Tamr’s machine learning solution aggregates large volumes of high-variety data to help identify distinct asset and site information.

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Unify sensor and operational data to effectively manage your production lines

Bring the necessary linkage to connect equipment, systems, and events in the production line into unified views.

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Scalable Data Curation and Agile Data Mastering

Explore how data curation technology can be used to solve data mastering challenges at scale.
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How to Bring Intelligence to Taxonomies

Learn how Tamr enables organizations to organize their data in a way that aligns with the content of the data and how end users consume it.
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Parts Categorization In Action

See how Tamr can be used to master any entity across the enterprise, including parts.
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GE Success Story

See how Tamr helped GE realize $80M in savings in just one year.
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Toyota Success Story

Learn how Toyota used Tamr to get a unifed view of their customers.
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