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Tamr for Life Sciences

Improve patient outcomes and bring medical products to market faster using disruptive data harmonization approaches.

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Unify R&D Data Assets

The path for research and development of life-changing drugs relies on years of data collection and analysis across many teams and data sources. Tamr's solution, powered by human-guided machine learning, cleans and harmonizes data across life science entities such as assays, biomarkers, and clinical studies so that cutting-edge research can bring drugs to market faster.
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Translational Data Repositories

Harmonize all research and clinical study data into customizable data model standards for faster insights and drug discovery.

CDISC Conversion

Rapidly convert new and legacy study data into CDISC data standards for faster insights and regulatory submission.

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Real World Evidence Integration

Integrate RWE sources to obtain insights for pharma, providers, payers, and regulators to better serve patients throughout the healthcare value chain.

Customer Experience

Tamr helped unify R&D data lakes from fragmented research and clinical study domain silos, and built robust data pipelines processing over 10 billion records a day.

“GSK R&D’s data environment is something that one often hears about in startups, but is rarely found in large enterprises whose roots go back over 300 years. And it’s great news for all of us humans who will benefit from the scientific advances it is likely to engender.”

– Tom Davenport
Senior Advisor, Deloitte’s Analytics and Cognitive practice

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Enable a New Class of Analytics and Insights

Launching medical products often requires years of investment in drug development and clinical trials, so it’s critical that key performance targets are met. Tamr uses an agile approach to consolidate, combine, and classify data from disparate sources--enabling unified views of business functions that can be leveraged for business-critical insights.

Customer 360

Gain a unified, segmented view of healthcare providers and payers and how they are distributing medical products in the market.

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Procurement Analytics

Deliver trusted, up-to-date, global visibility into spend to drive more efficient spending and optimize supplier relationships.

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Product Analytics

Unify sales data from distributors and retailers with internal product data to understand what’s selling, where, and at what price.

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Healthcare Analytics

Reconcile all stakeholder and data transactions throughout the healthcare value chain to obtain competitive insights.

Customer Experience

Tamr provided Sunovion with a 75% reduction in the manual effort related to data integration and made accurate, detailed analytics possible for their next generation analytics platform.

“End users don’t need to worry about what datasets are coming in anymore, or if they’re matched and merged properly. It’s all irrelevant–the right data is just there now.”

– Naresh Murthy,
Managed Markets Analytics Industry Leader

Build Regulatory Compliance into the Data Process

Regulatory compliance and oversight is expected in the life sciences industry. However, expensive, inefficient initiatives and bottlenecks caused by regulation are unacceptable in today’s competitive landscape. Tamr enables proactive harmonization and curation of data to comply with regulatory requirements.
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FDA Submission

Get data ready in CDISC models quickly and cost efficiently to reduce the time and effort needed for FDA submission.

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Physician Payments Sunshine Act

Easily reconcile and audit all physician payments across sources.

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Medical Product Identification

Track drug safety and pharmacovigilance for all varieties of drug production before, during, and after launch.

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Amgen Success Story

See how Tamr helped Amgen build a translational data platform at scale.
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GSK Success Story

Learn how GSK bit the data management bullet and built a best-in-class approach to deliver on their overall Research & Development strategy.
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CDISC Conversion

Learn how Tamr can unify messy clinical data into standard CDISC models.
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BioPharma Success Story

See how Tamr accelerated the preparation of clinical data from 6 weeks to 1 day.
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Real World Evidence Integration

Learn how Tamr built a robust pipeline integrating 30 billion records a week from RWD sources into 100+ billion record outputs.
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