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Leverage the flexibility and scalability of GCP to overcome your toughest data challenges

Driving Business Outcomes at Scale with Tamr and Google Cloud Platform


Integrating millions of customer records to driving cross-sell, upsell opportunities

Supporting Your Migration to the Cloud


Durable MDM Migrations
to the Cloud


Improved Scalability with
Cloud-Native Capabilities


Lower Cost of Ownership
for Data Mastering

Tamr’s team makes the migration of data mastering to the cloud durable, cost-effective, and timely. Migrating on-premise data mastering workflows (e.g., MDM deployments) to Tamr’s cloud-native data mastering platform with GCP ensures that organizations can integrate up-to-date complete data seamlessly with new or existing pipelines and scale effectively as needed.


Organizations can save nearly $400,000 annually on hosting costs by leveraging Tamr’s cloud-native capabilities.

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Mastered Data—Scaled for Modern Data Management
Tamr’s architecture integrates with Google Cloud Platform technologies such as Cloud Dataproc, Cloud Bigtable, BigQuery, and Looker, allowing customers to scale modern data pipeline performance while controlling costs.

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