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Messy and disparate data in, clean data ready to be migrated out.

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How it Works

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Unlock the power of unifying and migrating your data

Tamr’s flexibility, scalability, and collaboration capabilities empower organizations to incorporate many data sources, maintain privacy, and improve processes. Whether you want to increase cloud ROI with a cloud migration project, decrease project risk from an ERP consolidation, or realize important synergies by rationalizing your IT environment post M&A, Tamr can help drive transformational outcomes.

Watch how Toyota gained a 360 view of their previously highly fragmented data and cut total data volumes by 44% – 50%.

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Understand Quality and Quantity of Data

Start with a solid understanding of how many customers, suppliers, or parts you have. A complete understanding of your data means you accurately prioritize your datasets and ensures you have optimal storage and processing resources.

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Integrate Tamr into your Migration Pipelines

Data engineers help integrate Tamr into your migration pipelines. The data can then be prepared for migration targets, used as enrichment data, all while preserving the original data for provenance.

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Clean and Master the Data

Human-guided machine learning allows you to master your data. This process dramatically reduces the time and technical resources required to get business ready data.

Unified Data Migration: How it Works

Learn how Tamr's data unification and cleaning services can make your next migration a success.
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Migration, Unified

See how critical data unification and cleaning are during a migration project.
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Next Generation Data Engineering

Great analytics depend on great data. Explore key themes and challenges on the DataOps journey.
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