Spend Analytics &

As the COVID-19 global crisis severely impacts the economy, organizations need timely, accurate spend data to improve cost savings swiftly, find alternatives and make data-driven business decisions.

Tamr helps organizations quickly identify and lower direct and indirect spend by mastering data from a variety of data sources including suppliers, vendors, service providers, goods and items, parts, and materials, to increase efficiency in procurement strategies, improve supplier and vendor relationships and enable data-driven spend decisions.

  • Master your spend and procurement data from a variety of data sources using Tamr Data Mastering at Scale technology
  • Receive analytics-ready datasets curated for up to five dashboards
  • Weekly delivery of mastered spend data for six months
Proven Results

“In 30 hours of work, Tamr helped us to accurately classify 6 million spend records, representing 75% of our annual spend of 12 billion Euros. In fact, we were able to reduce the manual workflows needed to maintain our legacy rules-based systems for ERP consolidation by 90%”

Jean-Baptiste Anne
Head of Sourcing Methods & Information Systems

Accelerating Insights into Supply Chain Risk and Spend