Consumer Packaged Goods

Data Mastering at Scale


Solving the Most Complex Data Challenges in Consumer Goods


Solving the Toughest Data Challenges in Consumer Goods

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    Spend Analytics & Procurement

    Create a granular view of your global indirect and direct spend to drive cost reduction; master your suppliers and onboard new ones quickly to build a resilient supply chain; master you parts to identify duplicates and alternates

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    Customer 360

    Create a consistent customer experience and drive brand loyalty by merging PII based records into a single customer view, to drive market segment building, LTV analysis, and support cross-sell, up-sell activities.

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    Product Rationalization

    Remove blind spots in inventory and distribution and drive informed decisions by classifying SKUs at a granular level, including data about distributors and retailers, to drive new insights about product sales and performance.

Proven Results

Consolidated suppliers and parts data from 75+ ERPs (25M+ records), enabling $30M+ in savings in year 1
$300M in cost savings from direct spend through parts and supplier mastering
Mastered customer data across 50 countries and 250+ data sources to drive sales and marketing initiatives
Enhancing Data Operations for the World's Largest Organizations
  • Accelerate data mastering projects from years to weeks or months using human-guided machine learning

  • Lower cost of ownership through reduced manual workflows

  • Empower data teams to focus on high-value work and deliver business outcomes with curated, mastered enterprise data

  • Integrate seamlessly with data pipelines and analytics solutions through open architecture and robust APIs

The only data mastering solution offering cloud-native, on-premise, and hybrid deployments

Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud

Transformative Analytics Start with Mastered Data

Tamr employs proprietary machine learning (ML) algorithms to accurately master entities across a variety of datasets. The ML engine is guided by human response using yes and no responses.

The output is a curated, versioned dataset that can be used to power a host of downstream analytics, including data visualization tools like PowerBI and Tableau, or directly to data analysts and engineers for business intelligence and other data programs.


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