Qin Li
Qin Li
Head of Finance and Admin
November 24, 2021

Part IV: Why Patient Mastering is Key to Reaching Your Market Potential

Part IV: Why Patient Mastering is Key to Reaching Your Market Potential

At the heart of every biopharma research and development effort are the desire to dramatically improve patient lives. Reaching patients that will benefit requires knowing who your patients are and developing a multi-channel marketing strategy that provides patients with the support and access they need. In addition to connecting data to patients indirectly through their health care groups and providers, direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing is now an important opportunity to engage with patients directly. As a result, the patient-prescriber relationship is fundamentally changing and patients are now more empowered to seek out information before making a decision. DTC marketing is also important for reaching patients with discount and rebate programs whose decisions and adherence are impacted by out-of-pocket costs. It can take a tremendous amount of investment, time, and effort to bring a new drug to market, and investing in patient mastering for your marketing strategies and pre/post-market analytics is equally important for improving patients’ lives and maximizing your market potential.

Unifying Diverse Patient and Prescriber Data Sources at Enterprise Scale

Patient and prescriber data sources are continuing to grow in number and in data diversity. Each patient-prescriber relationship generates data in multiple third-party vendor silos, including hospital electronic health record systems, specialty and retail pharmacies, walk-in clinics, insurance companies, and many more. And connecting directly with patients can involve harnessing data from direct mail, online advertising, social media, email, mobile, print, and television campaigns. It is critical to be able to leverage patient data across all these data sources to gain insights into patient-prescriber behavior and find opportunities for growth. However, even more than with health care groups and provider networks, patient data changes frequently, contains duplicates and errors, and requires an enterprise-scale effort to unify millions of patient records.

Especially when a new product launch or patient adherence campaign quickly increases your patient networks, problems associated with bad data and rapid growth can easily overwhelm existing systems. Traditional methods cannot onboard new and diverse data sources quickly and customized methods require significant effort to create and maintain the system as records and data sources grow. Modern marketing campaigns require modern solutions, and human-guided and cloud-native machine learning can accelerate the speed of onboarding large and diverse data sources while accurately reconciling complicated sets of records with different schemas. By giving patients a persistent ID across data sources, identifying and resolving potential matches within and across data sets, removing duplicates, and generating a golden record for each patient, you can get a 360-degree view of each patient-prescriber interaction.

The Benefits of Patient Mastering

Patient mastering broadly facilitates patient-focused analytics and marketing strategies in many ways to boost sales and maximize market potential, including:

  • Integrating patient data with provider networks and health care group data to power your analytics.
  • Improving patient data quality to better know your current and future patients.
  • Improve targeting with DTC campaigns and optimize the effectiveness of your marketing strategy across multiple media platforms.
  • Perform premarket and postmarket analysis to understand brand and patient perceptions.
  • Reach patients and patient advocacy groups to raise brand awareness and avoid underuse.
  • Managing discount and rebate programs to reduce out-of-pocket costs for patients.
  • Improving patient care through patient adherence programs.

A Modern Data Solution That Maximizes Market Potential

Time is everything when taking a new drug to market. Tamr’s machine learning approach can take on the challenges associated with patient data with speed, scalability, and accuracy. Talk to us about using patient mastering to boost sales and increase market share while improving patients’ lives.