Tamr Steward Beta

The first issue tracker designed specifically for data

Capture issues at the source

Tamr Steward provides extensions to the apps people are already using so they can create new issues by clicking a single button — all without interrupting their workflow.

This allows Tamr Steward to report metadata containing the context needed to understand the root cause of the issue so you can resolve it in record time.

Quantify data quality

Data profiling tools only tell part of the story. The issues people identify as they consume data provide a complete picture of what hinders the value of your data.

Tamr Steward enables DataOps teams to start measuring data quality from consumers’s perspective — and to better prioritize the issues that matter most.

Wrong or suspicious values (33%)

Wrong format (27%)

Missing values (12%)

Comment or question (17%)

Duplicate values (11%)

Sample Insights


Issues due to duplicate values


Issues come from 4 sources

Make good data a team sport

Traditional approaches to data quality put a heavy burden on the curators profiling the data to identify issues, and rely on inefficient chains of communication to capture exceptions.

Tamr Steward expands your data quality team to the entire organization, which means issues get solved faster and with fewer distractions.