Data Product Templates

Tamr’s integrated turn-key solutions combine machine learning optimized for scale and accuracy, a low code/no code environment, and integrated data enrichment to streamline operations. With Tamr, you can quickly set up a mastering flow for common business entities, create a data product layer, consolidate and author data, manage mastered entities, and provide data to systems, processes, and users for both operational and analytical use cases.


Our templated approach accelerates time to value. With templated data products, you can quickly build a custom flow for your MDM program, author and curate data, and improve data quality for your operational processes, analytics, and data consumers. Don’t see a data product that matches your needs? Talk to us, and our team can help you map an existing data product to your use case or build a new one with you.


We help customers across industries realize rapid time to value with turn-key solutions tailored to their needs. Our industry solutions leverage a combination of human stewardship, matching rules, machine learning, and external data to deliver results quickly. And with a dedicated Government Services team, Tamr is mission ready to meet the needs of our public sector customers.

Tamr Platform

Be confident that the data fueling your analytics and operations is correct and complete, so your business decisions are too. Learn more about the data mastering and enrichment solutions that fuel our templates and industry solutions.

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