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B2B Customer Mastering

Gain visibility into your customer journey to deliver unmatched customer experience and accelerate growth


In today’s digital age, organizations across industries strive to collect as much data about their customers as possible to answer key business questions and deliver personalized customer experience. With the increasing number of data sources, volume of data and its complexity, data management becomes more demanding. Millions of siloed, incomplete accounts and outdated records leave organizations unable to have a holistic view into their customer base. Frustrating, right?

The good news is that turning your data challenges into data assets is possible with the right tools and strategies. First, ensure teams and data consumers across your organization have access to continuously curated, complete and trusted data. With the right data in the right place at the right time you can drive cross/up-sell opportunities, improve targeting, increase conversion rates, enhance data quality, and get rid of redundancy in operations.


 Turn disparate customer data into reliable data assets
instrumental for success

Tamr’s B2B Customer Mastering solution with a machine learning-first, human in the loop approach helps enrich customer records and proactively identify business opportunities by utilizing interaction history.

Benefits for B2B companies


Drive upsell opportunities: Provide users with a holistic view of sales across the customer hierarchy by location, corporate parent, contract, etc. to improve customer targeting and identify more business opportunities


Streamline data operations: Leading with a machine learning-first approach that generates golden customer records in 10% of the time so that data stewards and data users can spend less time fixing the data and more time analyzing it


Lower risk: Equip users with a unified view of customer networks across customer corporate hierarchies so as to have a high level view of risk exposure to each customer groups


A solution built on patented, innovative machine learning technology

Tamr’s data mastering and enrichment solutions make it easy to integrate internal and external data sources quickly to power analytic insights and drive business outcomes. Our integrated turn-key solutions combine machine learning optimized for scale and accuracy, a low code/no code environment, and data enrichment built into the workflow to streamline operations.



Littelfuse discovers its true customer base amid dirty sales data


Right away the insights that we got into our customer base, our sales orders, and our churn rate were really astounding.”

Ryan Stafford, EVP, Littelfuse


1.4M assumed customer accounts unified to reveal underlying 500k unique customers

Add value on every step of customer journey with better account visibility

Persistent customer IDs combined with third-party enrichment allow you to address inconsistencies in data and deliver a 360-view of customers at enterprise scale.