Data Product Template

Market Data Linkage

Master company data from disparate sources to power insight-driven investment strategies.


Many external data sources track the same companies, but each maintains a different set of attributes. For example, one data source may maintain company domains, while another maintains company headquarter locations. Matching these datasets together to take advantage of all of them concurrently is often a highly-manual process that is impossible to complete with any amount of scale — even hundreds of records can take weeks.


Clean, curate, and match diverse datasets quickly, with minimal effort required from your technical team, to identify investment opportunities in a timely manner, benchmark portfolios, and power dashboards and analytics tools for investment teams. Enrich your data with real-time firmographics, corporate hierarchy, and other relevant attributes from third-party data providers to fill in the gaps and turn your data into a competitive advantage.



 Templatized data product built to drive portfolio performance and operational efficiency

Market Data Linkage enables investment firms to combine different data sources using human-guided machine learning with built-in enrichment to gain a holistic view of entity data and make quicker, more informed investment decisions.


Improve target identification by mapping sector-level deal flows and modeling across data sources for correlations and benchmarks


Provide context to the business data most relevant to investment criteria with a consistent set of identifiers and attributes


Mitigate risks, streamline compliance, and improve risk assessment for potential and existing investments

A solution built on patented, innovative machine learning technology

Tamr Mastering for Market Data Linkage makes it easy to integrate internal and external data sources quickly to power analytic insights and drive business outcomes. Our integrated turn-key solution combines machine learning optimized for scale and accuracy, a low code/no code environment, and data enrichment built into the workflow.

Provide context to the business data that matters most to your teams

Discover the power of clean, consolidated, and enriched market data, and how it can accelerate your decision-making process, streamline operations, and serve as a vital element in constructing a cutting-edge data architecture