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Tamr’s human-guided, machine-learning solution drives transformational outcomes for top-tier financial institutions.

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KYC and AML Compliance

Complying with know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) policies requires banks to establish data-driven processes that ensure clients are evaluated to determine if they have relationships with other parts of the organization, or are on sanction lists. Tamr’s agile data mastering capabilities enable financial services organizations to:
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Onboard new clients with confidence

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Quickly match prospects against a variety of criteria and external data sources, such as GLEIF and sanctions lists

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Build robust data pipelines to monitor customers and their affiliates for abnormalities

Customer Experience

Tamr helped one of the top Canadian banks to implement a streamlined data pipeline for regular KYC matching across multiple languages and jurisdictions. This automated process achieved a 90%+ match rate for their customers against various key systems.

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Customer 360

Gain a 360 view of customer engagement across all sales, marketing, and CRM systems.

360° view

Gain a 360 view of customer engagement across all sales, marketing, and CRM systems.

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Understand and Segment

Understand your customers and accurately segment them to better target product offerings.

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Analytic Insights

Leverage analytical insights to create customer upsell/cross-sell opportunities and reduce customer churn.

Customer Experience

Tamr helped one of the largest global banks deduplicate over 40% of their customer data across geographical locations and lines of business to gain better insight into their customers.

Spend Analytics

With Tamr, financial firms can consolidate, aggregate and classify their siloed spend data to understand exactly what they’re buying and how to optimize procurement policies.
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Understand and Optimize

Understand and optimize your supplier relationships.

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Drive more efficient spending with more spend under management and better spend classification.

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Better Outcomes

Increase the granularity of spend classifications to make better policy decisions.

Customer Experience

“In 30 hours of work, we accurately classified 75% of $12 billion Euros in spend, representing 6 million records.”

– Jean-Baptiste Anne
Head of Sourcing Methods & Information Systems,
Société Générale

Risk Analytics and Trade Reconciliation

Move from legacy batch processes to robust pipelines.
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Streamline the automation of trade reconciliation.

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Gain Efficiency

Reduce errors, complexity, and costs to track down transactions.

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Shorten clearing and settlement cycles.

Insurance Claims Management

Tamr leverages human-guided machine learning to consolidate claims data from a variety of data sources to classify, normalize, and enrich so that insurers can obtain a complete view of their claims.
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Gain insights into claims management processes.

Identity and Negotiate Savings Image

Cost Savings

Identify and negotiate savings opportunities by understanding the service rendered and vendors used.

Understanding Correlation Image


Better understand correlations of customer claims across systems.

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