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unified data. optimized decisions.

Fuel your enterprise’s most critical decisions with all available data -- cataloged, connected and enriched by Tamr’s data unification platform.

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Tamr Overview

Businesses have mission-critical questions to ask and the data assets they need to answer them. They’ve invested heavily in big data analytics -- $44 billion in 2014 alone, according to Gartner. But they still can’t consume about 90% of their collected data, which remains scattered in silos and sources across the organization.

Data cleaning and curation is the cornerstone of modern business intelligence pipelines. Data must first be "Cataloged" and "Connected” before it can be "Consumed" by applications and various analytics tools. Learn how the Tamr data unification platform helps businesses addresses these challenges.

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Case study: Thomson Reuters

What happened when Thomson Reuters had outgrown its manual curation processes? They looked to Tamr to provide a better solution for continuously connecting and enriching its core enterprise information assets. Find out how Tamr helped Thomson Reuters dramatically reduce the amount of time required to review and curate data records.

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Unified Spend Analysis

Supply chain managers need complete, accurate, and actionable information to identify cost saving opportunities across the enterprise. Yet very few organizations have been able to leverage all available data for analysis and savings. Read how Tamr can integrate supply chain data to produce a unified view across a variety of data sources.

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Tamr for CDISC

Tamr’s CDISC solutions offers a dramatically simpler and scalable way to automatically convert, validate, and package clinical study data in file formats organized according to the latest CDISC standards.

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