Andy Palmer on Tamr’s “Special Sauce”


In this VentureBeat video, TAMR Co-Founder and CEO Andy Palmer explains how every business needs to curate and categorize all of its data sources to “make better decisions every single day” — and why Tamr’s “secret sauce” of machine learning plus human guidance can help enterprises curate and classify data with great scale and precision.

Tamr has “these really great machine learning algorithms that examine the data sources and run against them to match as much [data] as they can. But then very, very quickly what these machine learning algorithms do is develop a confidence level about the connection between [the] different data sources,” Palmer says.

“And then the system recommends to the data steward or the curator those experts who might be good at tuning and tweaking the connections between the different data sources.  And it’s that expert input that really gives the system its precision … The machine by itself doesn’t get you the kind of precision you need.  You absolutely have to have people in the loop.  And the careful weaving together of this machine learning capability with a very collaborative and very social process of curating data is really the secret sauce of Tamr.”



Andy is the co-founder and CEO of Tamr. Previously, Andy was co-founder and founding CEO of Vertica Systems, a pioneering big data analytics company (acquired by HP). During his career as an entrepreneur, Andy has served as founding investor, BOD member or advisor to more than 50 start-up companies in technology, healthcare and the life sciences. He also served as Global Head of Software and Data Engineering at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR) and as a member of the start-up team and Chief Information and Administrative Officer at Infinity Pharmaceuticals. Additionally, he has held positions at Bowstreet,, and Trilogy.