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Tamr Steward

A new approach to collecting feedback on analytics

Steward is the first feedback system built for analytics. Collect context-rich issues in a single place, collaboratively resolve them, and increase analytic usage.

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Improve analytic adoption

Give your users what they want – an easy way to get help when an analytic doesn’t make sense or looks wrong. Steward’s SDK and plug-ins for analytic applications allow your users to raise issues from within the analytics, annotate specific data points, share screenshots, and automatically share metadata for faster resolution.

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More productively resolve issues

An analytic can look wrong for a number of reasons: bad data, broken data pipelines, app issues, or just poor user context. Passing around emails to find someone who can help is time-consuming, slow, and often a dead end. Steward brings together everyone who can help and enables you to tag, mention, and assign issues to the right person.

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Prioritize what users want

One-off emails mask trends and limit your ability to understand what to prioritize to increase the value of your analytics. Steward provides insight into the drivers of user issues, such as the specific data sources that are the most problematic or raise the most questions, allowing you to focus your time on the things that will improve user satisfaction.

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Designed for developers and analysts

Steward’s SDK and application-specific plug-ins allow you to start gathering feedback about your analytics in minutes. Customize the amount of metadata you want to collect and define the workspace to send issues for collaborative resolution.
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Javascript SDK

Collect feedback on your embedded analytics and data-centric apps

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BI Tools

Embed within your dashboards leveraging native extensions

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Provide feedback on any analytic or data-centric app

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Enhance your existing workflow

Want to collect richer feedback but aren’t ready to change your processes? Steward has built-in integrations with existing collaboration tools such as Slack and Zendesk, allowing you to improve the quality of feedback from your users without having to change existing processes.
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The First Issue Tracker for Data

Learn how Tamr Steward gives you the context you need to efficiently resolve data quality issues.
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A Guide to ML for Data Stewards

Learn how Tamr Steward gives you the context you need to efficiently resolve data quality issues.

Data Stewardship in the Age of ML

See how the data steward must evolve with the evolution of MDM technology.
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