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Less data cleaning. Better analytics.

Achieve business insights faster by efficiently cleaning and curating data stored in the Snowflake Data Cloud with Tamr. By using machine learning, Tamr’s cloud-native data mastering solution delivers the trusted, accurate data needed for analytics in days instead of months.

Tamr and Snowflake: Helping Companies Overcome Data Challenges

Blackstone: Creating Complete Records
on Key Data Assets

As one of the world’s largest investment management companies, Blackstone has massive volumes of internal & external data about companies, real estate, and more. Blackstone uses Tamr and Snowflake to generate complete records on the companies in its investment portfolio. Data is fed from Snowflake into Tamr, which produces accurate records of uniquely identifiable legal entities, enriched with third-party data, that’s then loaded back into Snowflake.



Better decision making
with data sharing

Employees have a singular access point to enriched data sets for more informed decisions.


Faster time
to value

Machine learning provides accurate records in weeks by reducing human effort around data integration.


Align with
cloud-first IT strategy

Modern, cloud-native MDM fits with the firm’s cloud-first efforts around advanced data analytics, warehousing and visualization.


“Tamr and Snowflake are a very powerful combination. We organized our data into a clean, cloud architecture to make it usable inside Snowflake.”


Thomas Pelogruto

Chief Data Architect, Blackstone

AVID: Delivering Improved Customer Service,
Driving Customer Upsell

For Avid Technology, which provides audio and video editing software to television networks and movie studios, offering a positive customer experience following a sale and understanding how product pricing impacts customer upsell opportunities is critical to their business. Using Tamr and Snowflake together helps Avid create 360-degree customer records that sales leverages in expansion opportunities at existing accounts and customer success uses to deliver enhanced support.



Improved customer service

Provide customized support and professional services in post-sales interactions.


Increased sales

Boost profitability with better product discounting, pricing management and partner engagement.


Drive upsell opportunities

Suggest additional products and services to customers relevant to their use case.


“I’m amazed by the speed at which Tamr can dedupe customer data. The time to value was in weeks rather than months.”


Dinny Mathew

Senior Director of Enterprise Architecture,
Data and Analytics, Avid Technology

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Fortune 500 Retailer: Unlocking Customer Insights by Cleaning Salesforce Data

The pandemic accelerated retail’s digital transformation as much as any industry. A major retailer relies on Tamr to win customers in the new, digital-first world. Using Tamr, they’ve created complete, up-to-date customer views from millions of records across 11 data sources, including several Salesforce instances, for improved sales and marketing campaigns.



Deeper customer

Identified key customers by reducing duplicate records across operational systems and Salesforce instances by 40%


Enhanced customer
experience initiatives

Develop individualized customer service plans using comprehensive B2B customer data


Improve sales

Master data at scale to generate unified customer views to power Salesforce for global market segments

“Tamr’s helped us to align the data organization so we can continually deliver more data value to sales and marketing, from the business process and our technology.”

VP of Enterprise Data, Analytics, and Architecture

Accelerate Outcomes at Unprecedented Scale


Modern MDM

Quickly curate, clean data with scalable cloud-native technology and human-guided machine learning


Customer Mastering

Obtain granular, accurate customer views to improve sales and marketing efforts and enhance customer service


Salesforce Data Mastering

Deduplicate and enrich Salesforce data to speed up lead conversion, provide sales with relevant, robust account information

Tamr, Snowflake architecture

Tamr can be connected to Snowflake for batch mastering or called as an external function for incremental processing. Tamr receives the raw or transformed data and returns TamrIDs linking disparate records and a golden record containing the most complete and accurate representation of a customer.


Drive business outcomes, improve compliance with mastered data


Quickly create complete, accurate views with automation

Machine learning handles the heavy lifting around cleaning and curating data stored in Snowflake Data Cloud


Know, trust data for faster compliance

Leverage Object Tagging to identify sensitive data to help meet regulations and control access


Boost confidence in data published in Snowflake Data Cloud

Leverage Access History to have data consumers provide feedback on Tamr-mastered data


Capture more value
from Data Sharing & Marketplace

Efficiently and accurately join shared datasets to drive better usage of data


Adopt a modern approach
to data mastering

Use cloud-native data mastering and machine learning guided by human
feedback to rapidly curate data


Connect raw tables from
Snowflake directly to Tamr Cloud

Get started with 100,000 records for free.

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