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Partnership Types

Tamr pursues multiple types of partnerships that are in support of the company’s mission to unleash the potential of data in the enterprise and deliver transformational outcomes.



Deliver Tamr during your customer engagements, directly or indirectly, to accelerate the time to value of your engagements.



Embed Tamr within your technology solution to fuel embedded applications with clean, unified data.



Establish joint integration points to create a seamless customer experience fueled by unified data.

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Eliminate the data unification bottleneck from your customer experience

Create unified views of any entity

Traditional approaches to data integration fall short in environments with high data variety or unfamiliar data types. Tamr leverages machine learning to integrate disparate data sources across domains through an intuitive feedback workflow that doesn’t require technical expertise.

Accelerate time to value

Data preparation is often the bottleneck when deploying new solutions or discovering insights. Tamr helps you overcome this hurdle in record time by allowing you to create common models or rapidly develop new ones that unify all of your customer’s legacy data assets.

Maintain your customer’s success

Customers expect to be able to continue to harvest value from an initiative or new technology for years after the deployment. Tamr’s software ensures that data remains unified even as sources or governance policies change, so that applications that rely on the data can continue to deliver value.

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