Supplier Mastering as a Service

Disparate data sources in. Unified data out.

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Tamr SMaaS combines the power of Unify with domain-aware machine learning models to create a unified view of your suppliers.


Build trust in your data

Many organizations struggle to answer simple questions such as ‘how many suppliers do we have?’. Our novel approach to data unification solves this problem and provides insight into blind spots in your data, enabling you to confidently answer this question and dozens more.


Gain holistic intelligence

Once your supplier data is unified, you gain a complete picture of your relationship with every supplier and can stop being penalized for fragmentation across business units and in your IT systems, allowing you to gain previously impossible analytic insights.

We’ve helped some of the world’s largest companies realize the benefit of clean, unified supplier data.

“The supplier data integration was a big win.”

Bill Ruh, CEO and Chief Digital Officer – GE Digital

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How Supplier Mastering as a Service works

Tamr Supplier Mastering as a Service uses a simple files-in, file-out delivery mechanism, which requires minimal effort from your IT team, zero infrastructure, and no long-term commitment.

Upload data

Upload supplier data to your dedicated Launch Portal.

View data requirements

Review data quality

Download a data quality report on your data.

View DQ report details

Unify supplier data

Tamr Unify will master your data using a domain-aware, ML powered model.

Learn how data is mastered

Receive mastered supplier data results

Download your results data set.

View the output specs

Receive insights

Download a report on the results and an analytic workbook to start capturing new opportunities.

See the analytic reports

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