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Supplier intelligence with better data

Tamr unifies all of the data you need to get a complete picture of your suppliers and identify risks and opportunities you didn’t know you had

Create New Savings Levers

Tamr enables you to unify all of the supplier data you have throughout your enterprise, enabling a holistic approach to supplier relationship management. Gain the insight you need to design your supply base, optimize pricing and terms, and track your performance by having the data you need.

Build Trust in Your Data

Tamr’s machine learning-based software continuously learns from feedback. Business users who identify an incorrection in the data while reviewing analytics can instantly correct the issue, and avoid manual rework later. This gives users confidence that they can trust the data for reporting to executives and identifying opportunities.

Stay Up-To-Date

Tamr enables an always-on data pipeline across all of your internal and external data sources, ensuring analytics continue to update themselves as quickly as your supply chain moves. Alerts and insights are generated as the data is created, increasing the time you have to act on new information.

“The supplier data integration was a big win.”

Bill Ruh, CEO and Chief Digital Officer – GE Digital

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