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Spend Classification

Near real-time visibility into all of your spend.

Spend Classification Mobile

A scalable solution to tame enterprise spend data

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Overcome poor data quality

Tamr’s machine learning-based approach leverages all available data to make the best possible classification recommendation, lowering the bar on the data you need to capture from buyers.

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Visibility across all sources

Tamr gets smarter as it sees more data, enabling you to cost-effectively incorporate all your spend data sources.

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Stay up-to-date

Always-on data pipelines, across all of your internal and external data sources, mean spend analytics reports continue to update as your supply chain moves.

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How it Works

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Data Source

Inputs can include ERPs, procure-to-pay, pCards, spreadsheets and external data

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Human Guidance

Human guided machine learning including classification models trained with examples

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Unified Data

Unified data with classification results enriching source data


Improved analytic insight

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Move beyond the hype

Tamr focuses on cleaning up your data so you can get the foundational spend analytics right before attempting to take on more complex, predictive analytics.

Learn how Societe Generale cleaned up their data and gained visibility into their spend in under 2 months.

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Speak the same language as your data

Tamr is capable of learning how to classify data into any multi-tier hierarchy provided. Once it learns, automated data feeds can be established to move new spend through the system.

Watch how Tamr enabled data-driven procurement for GE.

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4 Key Challenges to Managing Spend Analytics

Learn how Tamr can help you bring more spend under management and instate trust, consistency, and actionable insights into your spend analytics.
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A Data Driven Approach to Taxonomy Design

See how Tamr can help you reduce the complexity, time, and subjectivity of creating and maintaining a taxonomy.
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A Smarter Approach to Classification

Learn how active learning for categorization can improve the accuracy and efficiency of your categorization projects.
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Create new savings levers

Tamr enables you to gain visibility into all of your spend data, allowing you to understand the long-tail with the same precision as your biggest spend categories.
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