Spend Analytics

Manage and forecast your spend at a more granular level by mastering your data at scale to drive cost savings and uncover previously unavailable insights into your spend.


Today, more than ever, it’s imperative that companies can answer key questions like:

  • What are we buying – how much and from who?
  • Where are our opportunities to consolidate and manage spend?
  • How do I forecast spend more accurately by taking into account external data?

With Tamr spend analytics in place, you can consolidate suppliers, drive favorable contracts, reduce unnecessary spend, and allow for better forecasting. 

Tamr’s spend analytics template enables you to segment your existing spend and transactions across multiple dimensions like cost centers, suppliers, and data sources. Your team can then rank and score your spend by category, drill-down into multiple levels of granularity, and identify the real delta between requested and actual spend. With Tamr, you can keep your data clean by continuously monitoring and classifying new transitions in near-real time to ensure all your decisions are made based on accurate, curated data.



 Optimize global supply chain, improve supplier negotiations, and drive cost savings

Quickly identify and lower direct and indirect spend by mastering data from a variety of data sources including suppliers, vendors, service providers, goods, parts, and materials. Spend analytics supplied with clean, accurate data can:


Drive cost savings with accurate, granular visibility into corporate spend: Use machine learning to consolidate and categorize spend with unprecedented granularity, uncovering millions in indirect and direct spend savings.


Boost category development and uncover optimal suppliers: Leverage up-to-date, categorized spend data from Tamr to find optimal suppliers, improve RFP processes, and drive more favorable contracts.


Reduce spend by uncovering advantageous PPV and unnecessary tail spend: Accelerate spend optimization strategies with complete views of spend that uncover novel insights for long-tail spend management and optimal PPV.


Spend Profiling
What are we buying?


Spend Optimization
How can we drive savings?


Data Integrity
Can we trust the data?

A solution built on patented, innovative machine learning technology

 Tamr’s data mastering and enrichment solutions make it easy to integrate internal and external data sources quickly to power analytic insights and drive business outcomes. Our integrated turn-key solutions combine machine learning optimized for scale and accuracy, a low code/no code environment, and data enrichment built into the workflow to streamline operations.

Move your procurement team from
business-as-usual to best-in-class

With accurate spend visibility, you can increase efficiency in procurement strategies, improve supplier and vendor relationships, and enable data-driven spend decisions.