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Tamr Data Mastering for KYC

Tamr helps the world's largest financial services companies master their data at scale to lower risk, improve regulatory operations, and enhance the customer experience.


With machine learning and intuitive workflows for data experts, Tamr consolidates and masters highly variable datasets on customers networks and activity in weeks instead of months or years.


Reduce Risk by Creating a Unified, Comprehensive View of Customer Networks
Machine learning accelerates the ability to create up-to-date, comprehensive views of customer networks, and generating a unique ID for each customer to streamline suspicious activity detection

Uncover Suspicious Activity Faster by Integrating External Data Sources
Enhance the customer view by easily consolidating and mastering internal data with third-party reference datasets, such as GLEIF, sanctions lists, UK Companies House, and other private data providers.

Boost Operational Efficiency and Easily Monitor Compliance Effectiveness Programs
Reduce manual workflows required to consolidate new, highly variable data sets, streamlining customer onboarding in an ongoing way and generating curated datasets fit for analytics that improve effectiveness monitoring.

Tamr’s data mastering solution enables financial institutions to match customer records from internal and external datasets (e.g., GLEIF, sanctions lists) and gain a comprehensive view of customer activity.


A US Financial Institution estimates ~$20M in annual savings from deploying Tamr for one data mastering project.


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